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Jordan Matthews has a new jersey number in his second stint with the Eagles

Tough luck for those with No. 81 jerseys.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles-Training Camp Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Jordan Matthews is back with the Philadelphia Eagles but not everything is completely once as it was before.

Matthews is now wearing the Eagles’ No. 80 jersey instead of his old No. 81.

Here’s some blurry photographic evidence:

Looks weird.

Matthews’ old No. 81 jersey is already being worn by Kamar Aiken, who re-signed with the team last week.

Matthews wore No 80 during his relatively brief stint with the New England Patriots. Apparently it’s the number he wanted when he first joined the Eagles. I imagine that might have to do with him being related to Jerry Rice.

Prior to joining the Pats, JMatt was wearing No. 87 with the Buffalo Bills. That’s the same number he sported during his college days at Vanderbilt. No. 87 is currently available on the Eagles, but I can’t imagine we will be seeing someone wearing Brent Celek’s old number in the near future.

Anyway, hopefully this very important information helps you more easily identify Matthews during the Eagles’ game against the Colts on Sunday.

Sorry to those who wanted to break out their old JMatt jerseys for the game. I mean, you can still do that, but they just won’t be as up to date.

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