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NFL Power Rankings Roundup: Eagles drop out of the top five

What are the experts saying about the defending Super Bowl champs?

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Philadelphia Eagles v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

With Week 2 of the NFL season in the books, it’s time look at how various media outlets have ranked the reigning Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles in their NFL power rankings. It’s always interesting to see how the Eagles stack up from an outside perspective. But first, let’s start by revisiting my rankings.

Bleeding Green Nation

7) Philadelphia Eagles (LW: 1) - The reigning Super Bowl champions take a hit after losing a winnable game. Jim Schwartz’s defense is just clearly not as good on the road as it is in the confines of Lincoln Financial Field. The good news for the Eagles is they get Carson Wentz back this week. He can certainly help the Eagles get back on track. Or, that’s the hope, at least. (LW: 1)

SB Nation

7) The Patriots and Eagles fell in this week’s rankings, though not too far. The Eagles can look forward to Carson Wentz’s return on Sunday, which should offer a big boost to the team. (LW: 3)


5) The Eagles are allowing a league-best 2.85 yards per rush and 58.5 yards per game. They also are posting a league-best 1.34 yards allowed before first contact per rush. (LW: 1)

8) Held fast with the Eagles at No. 1 until they lost, but now, they drop. This is not an overreaction to the defeat in Tampa, either. Most of us thought Carson Wentz would already have game action by now. (He’ll finally get the nod in Week 3.) No one foresaw the spate of injuries at wide receiver and running back. With Nelson Agholor bumped up to No. 1 WR and the offense going to its new TE2 (Joshua Perkins) more than expected -- thanks to the blanketing of Zach Ertz -- the air game is not anywhere close to championship level. Prior to Week 2, I would have said the Colts’ defense, which is coming up on Sunday, would be the perfect antidote for what’s ailing Philly, but then Indy went and did a number on the Redskins. (LW: 1)

Yahoo Sports

6) In these rankings I often give teams a pass for playing with their backup quarterback. Just because Nick Foles got hot last postseason for a couple games doesn’t mean the Eagles don’t deserve the same benefit of the doubt. Now that Carson Wentz is back, we can start to see what the 2018 Eagles really are. (LW: 4)

CBS Sports

10) They might get Carson Wentz back this week, which they need. But they have other issues that showed up against Tampa Bay. (LW: 4)

Sporting News

7) They face Vikes, Panthers, Jags in October, so good idea to let Carson Wentz get feet wet now before diving into deep end of defensive pool. (LW: 1)

Washington Post

8) Carson Wentz returns to reclaim his starting job at QB with the defending champs coming off a perplexing loss in Tampa. The Eagles look to rebound with a home game Sunday against a Colts team that probably is not as good as it looked this past weekend at FedEx Field. (LW: 1)

Bleacher Report

6) Well, the Philadelphia Eagles were finally able to get the offense going Sunday in Tampa. The Eagles piled up 412 total yards against the Buccaneers, with quarterback Nick Foles accounting for 334 of them with a touchdown pass. The problem is that by the time the Eagles got the offense going, the team was down 27-7, and while Philadelphia made a game of it, its comeback attempt came up short. We knew the Eagles would be stout against the run in 2018 after leading the NFL in that regard a year ago. The question was how a young Eagles secondary would hold up. Against a nova-hot Ryan Fitzpatrick on Sunday, the answer to that question was that it didn’t—the Eagles were roasted to the tune of 402 passing yards and four touchdowns. This wasn’t a fluke. The Eagles were flat-out outplayed by the Buccaneers. And while the loss wasn’t solely (or even mostly) Foles’ fault, talk radio in Philly will be full of calls for Carson Wentz to get back out there in the coming days.

Mile High Report

13) Oh how the mighty have fallen. Funny isn’t it? Foles poops in his helmet 2 straight weeks, but this time they lose and miracle upon miracle, Carson Wentz is suddenly healed! He must have bathed in the Healing Waters of Lourdes or something. Player safety my ass. They’ll roll him out there with duct tape on his knee just to try to get a W. Prove you look good to get out of this unlucky spot. Until then, you’re just about middle of the pack.


6) It was ugly from the first play, and didn’t get any better. Fortunately for the Eagles, the prodigal son, Carson Wentz, is set to return in week 3. That will hopefully re-energize an otherwise malaised team. (LW: 1)


3) No explanation (LW: 1)


The rankings range from as high as 3 to as low as 13. The most common rankings are 6 and 7. The average ranking is 7.2, which is down nearly five spots from last week’s average of 2.4.

The Eagles have mostly fallen out of the top five after their loss to the Bucs, which is fair. There’s still optimism about the team moving forward with Carson Wentz back, though.

The Eagles have a chance to stop the bleeding and get back on track with a win over the Colts this weekend. A loss will send them spiraling out of the top 10 entirely.

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