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Carson Wentz is getting one of his best friends back

Looking back at all the times these two Eagles players bro’d out.

Green Bay Packers v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

[UPDATE: SEPT. 30] The Wentz to Matthews connection is still strong, and the two connected on a 56-yard pass for a touchdown in Week 4 against the Titans. And you know that the friends celebrated with their patented “strictly business” handshake.

The Eagles re-signed Jordan Matthews following a string of injuries to the wide receiver group, and while most of the team’s fan base is busy arguing about the decision online, there’s at least one guy who has to be stoked: Carson Wentz.

The two quickly became friends during Wentz’s rookie season in 2016, and the quarterback targeted Matthews 116 times — although BLG will argue that’s because there wasn’t really anyone else to go to — for 73 receptions and 804 yards that season.

Whether Matthews was as productive as Wentz perceives is immaterial, the QB clearly has faith in his receiver, and their off-field rapport should still translate to the field. This will be additionally important as it’s the first game of the 2018 season for both players — Wentz is coming back from injury, and Matthews has been popping around the league a bit.

It was no surprise that Wentz was sad to see one of his best friends leave the team back in 2017, but the quarterback has to be excited to get his brother back, if even for a little while.

Things should pick up right where the two left off; Matthews was a groomsmen in Wentz’s wedding over the summer, and they have stayed close despite the distance. Here’s hoping we get to see them bro out in Wentz’s return on Sunday, and celebrate some big plays on the way to a win.

But in the meantime, let’s take a look at their well-rounded friendship:

Their infamous handshake celebration

Their mission trips and AO1 support

They support each other during injuries

And never forget a celebration

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