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Eagles players celebrate the return of Carson Wentz

Let’s all just take a minute to celebrate this great news.

New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

It’s been a long time since the Eagles’ franchise quarterback Carson Wentz went down with a knee injury. (Granted, he didn’t stay down for long and threw for a touchdown before heading to the locker room, but I digress...) But now, HE’S BACK!

Wentz has finally been cleared for contact, which means he’ll be out on the field with his Philadelphia brothers in this Sunday’s Week 3 contest against the Colts. Doug Pederson stepped up to the podium on Monday with the biggest smile to deliver the news, and Wentz and his teammates continued their celebration online.

Let’s enjoy this for a little bit before we talk about whether or not he has enough receivers, or if the offensive line can do a better job at keeping him upright...

And it wasn’t just current Eagles celebrating the return of THE Carson Wentz, but several team alumni chimed in as well.

Wentz was sure to take a moment and thank Nick Foles for filling in, and for being a great guy to learn from while having to sit on the sideline. Classy move from a classy dude.

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