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Doug Pederson’s reaction to being interviewed by NBC Dallas is all of us

The Eagles’ head coach was a bit taken back that he’d be interviewed in an NFC East rival market. But, here we are.

Following the Philadelphia Eagles first win of the season, and heading into a long weekend, head coach Doug Pederson did what he often does: Golf.

He’s been known to make a few friendly bets over 18 holes, but it was his reaction to an interview request by NBC in Dallas that was the real noteworthy moment on Sunday.

Pederson had to make sure he heard the producer right that NBC Dallas was the one asking for an interview, and after one of the best facial expressions I’ve ever seen, and a few seconds of biting his lip, quipped, “Alrighty”.

Same, Coach. Same.

Making this reaction ever better, later that day the Cowboys would look impressively bad in their season opener against the Panthers. Ezekiel Elliott only made it into the end zone once, while also recording his second-fewest carries (15), and Dak Prescott threw so erratically the offensive scheme changed quickly to a series of hand offs vs. down-field passes.

Pederson’s reaction to the interview request by the NFC East rival market, was pretty close to my reaction to the entire Cowboys team following their loss to Carolina.

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