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The always gambling Doug Pederson won a bet with Brett Favre

Big Balls Doug strikes again.

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NCAA Football: UL Monroe at Southern Mississippi Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Doug Pederson is no stranger to gambling.

Whether it’s taking a gutsy risk to go for it on fourth down or it’s winning three offseason bets with Sean Payton, Pederson is not afraid to take chances.

The Philadelphia Eagles head coach made ANOTHER bet over this past weekend. This time it was with his old friend and former teammate, Brett Favre. The wager was over a game between their two college football teams. (Hat tip to

REPORTER: Do you have a wager for this game?

DOUG PEDERSON: He supposedly sad if—

BRETT FAVRE: I brought something up a little while ago that I thought, that I think is fair.

PEDERSON: It’s not really fair.

FAVRE: So if we won the game …

PEDERSON: I do more press conferences than you do!

FAVRE: Just listen. So if we win the game, Southern Miss, he wears a Southern Miss in his next interview, which will be in Philly. He’s got to go back tomorrow. I think that’s fair. I, on the other hand, if we were to lose, which I guess there’s an outside chance we could …

PEDERSON: [laughs]

FAVRE: … I would wear—

PEDERSON: A ULM hat or t-shirt or something.

FAVRE: A ULM hat or shirt, maybe in my next Copper Fit commercial or something.

As it turns out, it’ll be Favre who has to wear some ULM gear. Pederson’s alumnus defeated Southern Miss on Saturday, 22-21.

Big Balls Doug strikes again. He’s on an unstoppable hot streak. Just can’t be beat.

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