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The best tweets from the Eagles’ first preseason game

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Pittsburgh Steelers v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Nothing bad has ever happened because of Twitter. OK, that’s a lie, but we still love it. The Eagles played their first game of the preseason on Thursday — their first since winning the Super Bowl — and as Eagles Twitter usually is, it was live. There were some good takes, bad takes, tears and sounds of laughter (The tears came from whoever lined up against Fletcher Cox).

In honor of the Eagles’ return to the gridiron, we here at Bleeding Green Nation have composed a list of the best tweets from a game that means nothing.

Maybe Nate Sudfeld’s winking led defenders to the ball. There were ups and downs for Studfeld on Thursday, who threw two touchdowns as well as two interceptions. That seems to align with what people have seen from him in camp

Sudfeld sent us on such a rollercoaster of emotions that some doubt the Eagles will ever win a Super Bowl. Here’s a resource for BLG if he ever needs his fear quelled. The eagles are Super Bowl Champions.

Doug Pederson recently embraced the “Big Balls Doug” moniker. Against the Steelers he flexed yet again, going for a two-point conversion after Pittsburgh committed a penalty. We had to document, yet again, that Doug’s kahunas are unrivaled.

This is going to become a trademark hashtag. I think we can all agree that Drake’s “God’s Plan” is overplayed, however, it was a hit and a catchy one at that. Thank you, Mr. Thicc Foles. We plan on taking this and wearing it out like the newest trending meme.

Jimmy Kempski is legendary around these parts. Between bodying local radio hosts and accepting challenges from noodle arm quarterbacks, Jimmy keeps us entertained. Part of his lore is ability to produce stick figure gifs and use them to illustrate his point. No Twitter list is complete without them.

This has nothing to do with the Eagles game, but let us never pass on an opportunity to laugh at our NFC East foes. Tight end Dallas Goedert came out, guns blazing against the Steelers, routinely finding holes in the defense. Factor in the Pro-Bowl tight end Zach Ertz and it could be (another) rough year in New York.

If we’re being honest anything goes in the second half of a preseason game. Puns, dad jokes, all of it.

“gee whillikers.”

Because who doesn’t love gambling on preseason football? Has anybody figured out how they come up with these odds? Never put the dog masks away!

It was a rough day for Donnel Pumphrey stans (*cough*Solak*cough*). The second year running back hasn’t lived up to his billing, not even suiting up for this one. We can’t have our fourth round pick going blind, can we?

“You gotta love Long Cox, right?” Ok, I think that’s enough talk about kahunas and Long Cox for one day.

What were your favorite tweets from Thursday?

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