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Bud Light has another surprise for Eagles fans before the season opener

Could The Linc be getting a statue of Super Bowl-winning head coach Doug Pederson?!?

I’m still convinced that Eagles fans, and the better part of the Philly community, will in fact, never stop celebrating the Super Bowl win over the Patriots. Never.

And thanks to Bud Light, that celebration is still going strong just a week before the team’s 2018 regular season opener.

From teaming up with Lane Johnson during the playoffs to providing free beer to the bars along the parade route, Bud Light has been a big partner in celebrating the city’s first World Championship over the course of the past eight months.

They released special edition collector sets, and even special Eagles’ Green cans when they revealed their NFL packaging for the year. “Dilly Dilly” quickly became “Philly Philly” and we haven’t looked back since.

Now, it seems like the company is making one more big contribution to the Eagles’ never-ending celebration, which Bud Light announced will be revealed next week, Sept. 5 at Lincoln Financial Field.

Could it be a Doug Pederson statue? It seems like it has to be, right? Please, please let it be a Doug Pederson statue. #BigBallsDoug

What’s your guess?

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