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Mychal Kendricks makes a bold claim about the Browns in comparison to the Eagles

Say what?

NFL: Cleveland Browns-Minicamp Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Former Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Mychal Kendricks appears to be enjoying his new home with the Cleveland Browns.

He’s enjoying it so much that he believes his new team is better than his old team in some aspects. The following clip comes from HBO’s Hard Knocks:

Yep, Kendricks really just said:

“We’ve got so much more talent in this room than what I did in Philly, it’s not even funny.”

Now, I don’t think Kendricks is saying the 0-16 Browns are better than the reigning Super Bowl champion Eagles. His usage of “in this room” suggests he’s specifically saying the Browns are way more talented than the Eagles when it comes to the linebacker position.

The Browns do have some talented linebackers. Cleveland has 2017 Pro Bowler Joe Schobert and 2015 Pro Bowler Jamie Collins. And then Kendricks obviously thinks highly of himself.

But to act like Jordan Hicks, who has been a beast when healthy, and Nigel Bradham, who was very good in 2017, are just chopped liver? That seems unnecessarily disrespectful.

Here’s an idea: maybe win at least a single game before you start to talk trash on the Super Bowl champs?

And for the ‘what was he supposed to say?!’ crowd ... it’s not like he was ASKED to compare the Browns to the Eagles. He seemingly just did it on his own.

Eagles fans can always appreciate Kendricks for his contributions to the team’s first Super Bowl season. But it’s also fair to rip him when he says something dumb.

Kendricks will face off against his old team when the Eagles and Browns play in Cleveland tomorrow night on Thursday, August 23.

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