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Fireside Chats #2: On Eagles’ quarterbacks with Mark Schofield

Examining the best QB room in the league...

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Fireside Chats on Bleeding Green Nation is back and it’s another banger. This time I brought on my good friend and PUBG partner in crime Mark Schofield. He’s known for his quality quarterback evaluations and doesn’t block everyone that disturbs his self-made echo chamber (looking at you, Cian).

We talked about college Carson Wentz and where Schofield had him ranked in the NFL Draft. We tried to explain one of the greatest mysteries of our generation; the magical run by Nick Foles in the playoffs. And we did a deep dive on Nate Sudfeld, from college to now. I also asked if the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles should worry if Sudfeld had to spot start in the regular season. One note that I found interesting is that Schofield pointed out that in doing radio shows in the New England area after last weeks’ game, the hosts were mulling over the potential of a trade for Sudfeld.

You can listen on the player below or click here if it doesn’t show up for you.

If you haven’t heard the debut episode of Fireside Chats, click here. It features a 2017 Eagles season review and 2018 preview with Football Outsiders founder Aaron Schatz.

Thanks for listening, 5 star ratings and glowing reviews are encouraged (click here) and we appreciate the continued support. Next up, BGN Radio previews the Eagles and Cleveland Browns preseason game!

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