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Nick Foles talks performance against the Patriots, Week 1 prep

He also explains his initial reaction to his shoulder strain.

The Eagles are heading to Cleveland on Wednesday ahead of their Week 3 preseason game, and most of the 1’s should see quite a bit of playing time — although Doug Pederson said earlier this week they won’t be taking any chances with those working through injuries.

Heading into the final practice of the week, quarterback Nick Foles spoke to the media about his performance last week against the Patriots, and talked about his shoulder injury.

On his preseason performance

  • The quarterback was excited to get back out on the field against the Patriots in the second preseason game, and said he’s fortunate that he — and his shoulder — feel great.
  • Foles talked about how so much of his game is rhythm based, and that was part of the reason he was happy to take snaps last week. He noted sometimes finding that rhythm takes time, especially if you’re taking limited reps, but that it was nice to get a half’s worth of work against the Patriots.
  • The QB was asked about his throws in Week 2 of the preseason being a little high, and Foles agreed, “I just sorta missed.”
  • As he continued to elaborate, he chuckled his way through the answer. He admitted there’s an emotional aspect of the game, and he was excited to be back out there. The last time he had taken the field was in the Super Bowl, and while it isn’t an excuse, it’s part of the reason his performance was a bit questionable.
  • Foles said things started slowing down for him during his final drive of the night, and he felt like he was a bit more accurate. He quipped that if he would’ve hit his target on some of the underneath routes on Thursday, the scoreboard probably would’ve looked different.
  • He mentioned wanting to settle down heading into Thursday’s game against the Browns, and getting more acclimated to that game day feeling and getting his body ready again for that kind routine.
  • Foles noted that’s what he uses the preseason for, “going out there playing, playing with the guys” and getting on the same page with new personnel.

On his shoulder injury

  • The QB was asked how he was able to recover so quickly, and why he had such an immediate reaction to the injury initially. Foles mentioned that the hit was on the same shoulder he had surgically repaired back in 2007 — his senior year in high school — and it was on a similar hit.
  • It was a bit of a mental hurdle for him right after the hit on Thursday, but he said when he got to the sideline, the strength was still there and he was able to relax a little. Ultimately, he had a couple days or soreness, but didn’t have to miss any practice time and feels good.

On Week 1 prep

  • Foles continues to emphasize that he’s ready and willing to do whatever it is the team needs him to do, whether that’s starting in Week 1, or being the best-prepared backup he can be.
  • The quarterback noted he’s been a backup for several years now, and he knows what that entails and how he needs to handle himself in the locker room and on the field. He also knows what it’s like to be a starter, and he just makes sure to take as many mental reps as he does actual snaps.
  • The quarterback later talked about how this is the time in the preseason that the offense, and team as a whole, is finding their identity. With new personnel, and different source of motivation heading into the 2018 season, they’ve got to figure out how to maximize their potential.
  • He might not have been able to predict what the offense would look like this season, but did assert “we have a lot of talent” and that right now, they are just working on, “developing the relationship with the younger guys, getting our guys healthy.”
  • Foles also took the opportunity, as he often does, to praise the offensive line, “unbelievably talented. Most athletic offensive line in the game.”
  • He was also asked about how he mentally handles the uncertainty heading into the season, and not knowing when/if the next snap is coming. Foles acknowledged that it’s challenging, but as he said in the playoffs, he tries his best to just stay in the moment.

On Shelton Gibson

  • Every time Nick Foles talks about “Gibby” he gets this genuine smile that shows you how he feels about the young player.
  • “I’m really proud of him,” Foles noted, and talked a little about Nate Sudfeld giving Gibson some really good opportunities to make big plays.
  • Right now, Foles said they are working with Gibson on some of his route-running, just making sure he’s where they want and really finely tuning the break points. But the wide receiver is great at learning those things and has done an “amazing job this preseason.”

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