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Where were you when Brandon Graham strip-sacked Tom Brady in the Super Bowl?

Let’s re-live one of the best moments in Eagles history.

NFL: Super Bowl LII-Philadelphia Eagles vs New England Patriots Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Each week, the SB Nation NFL team sites explore a special theme. This week’s theme is about a memorable moment in your favorite team’s history: “Where Were You When ... ?

I considered using a lot of different Eagles moments for this post. I wanted to work Brian Dawkins into this theme since it’s fitting with him going into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this week. Or maybe bring up Miracle at the Meadowlands II yet again. I remember exactly where I was when the Eagles surprisingly signed Michael Vick. Maybe I could use that.

But I don’t know how I could pick memories like those when we all just witnessed the most important moment in Eagles franchise history earlier this year. I’m talking about when Brandon Graham strip-sacked Tom Brady to essentially secure the Eagles’ first Super Bowl win. I never get tired of re-watching this:

I know the Philly Special was incredible and gets all of the hype, but I’ll never forget my uncontrollable reaction to this play.

Allow me to set the scene. I was sitting next to SB Nation NFL editor Ryan Van Bibber in a makeshift press section in the stands at U.S. Bank Stadium. For reference, here’s what my view of the field looked like:

This view is OK. #SuperBowl #eagles #flyeaglesfly

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For the first time since the NFC Championship Game ended, I was actually nervous the Eagles might lose this game. I felt like the Birds had scored too quickly and given Brady too much time to work with. Jim Schwartz’s defense hadn’t forced a punt all game. How could I feel good about this situation? Especially after watching Brady lead one of the best comebacks of all-time against the Atlanta Falcons just one year before in Super Bowl LI?

But then Graham put an end to the doubt by making the biggest play in Eagles franchise history. Derek Barnett did his part by catching the bouncing ball.

I’ll never forget how shocking that was. I remember seeing the Eagles’ sideline react if they had just won the game. I mean, they basically did at that point, but it wasn’t officially over.

My personal reaction involved turning to RVB, shaking the crap out of him, and yelling “OH MY GOD!” over and over. I don’t know if I would’ve reacted like this if I was in the actual press box. As media, you’re not really allowed to do that. But with being out in the stands, not to mention the incredible magnitude of the play, I just got caught up in the moment. I feel like I’m usually pretty composed but I just lost it. A top life moment for sure.

So, that’s where I was when Graham strip-sacked Brady. Where were you?

And are there any other big Eagles moments that stick out to you where you remember exactly where you were?

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