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Introducing Fireside Chats #1, a talk with Football Outsiders’ Aaron Schatz

Reviewing 2017 and previewing the Eagles’ 2018 season...

NFL: Super Bowl LII Champions-Philadelphia Eagles Celebration Courier-Post-USA Today Network

With the return of BGN Radio and The Kist & Solak Show announced, you may have thought we were done. You’d be sorely mistaken. Along with our regular line-up of shows, the folks at Bleeding Green Nation would like to familiarize you, gentle readers and listeners, with a new show.

This show, Fireside Chats, will be a reoccurring feature that brings the best minds in the industry to your ear balls. I’ll be interviewing film grinders, analytics gurus, and experts of all backgrounds to bring fresh, new perspectives to the BGN feed.

We’re starting out hot for Episode 1 with the founder of Football Outsiders, Aaron Schatz. We talk about the Football Outsiders Almanac 2018, what the analytics say about the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles, the over-correction regarding Carson Wentz’s rookie season, the greatest defense of all-time and more! If you don’t see the embedded player below, click here.

Subscribe on iTunes or Google Podcasts and make sure to leave a review and a 5 star rating, it helps the show and keeps the content flowing! We have more excellent guests scheduled and I can’t wait to get these conversations out into the world for you to enjoy. We all we got! We all we need! Fly Eagles fly!

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