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Eagles rookies get terrible haircuts, including the ‘George Jefferson’

This is hilarious!

So, rookie hazing is an annual tradition. From carrying veterans pads, to bringing them a variety of flavors of Rita’s Italian ice, the rookies get a healthy dose of taunting heading into their first season as an NFL player.

That tradition continued on Tuesday for the Eagles, as the players celebrated the last day of training camp with a little trip to the locker room beauty shop.

Thanks to some much-appreciated camera work by Chris Long, we get front row access to the shit show that was rookie hair-cut night.

(These poor, poor rookies, man.)

The video opens with Lane Johnson rubbing some midnight green hair dye all over his beard and talking about how there wasn’t any hazing his rookie season because “it wasn’t allowed”, so he was participating in it this year. Although, I don’t know how much you can consider this hazing when he’s doing it to himself, but anyway...

Josh Sweat looks in the mirror with hesitation and disbelief to see (what I’m guessing is either hair dye or shaving cream) positioned over various sections of his super-long dreads — and beard.

Rookie receiver Anthony Mahoungou seemingly got a nice shave, until you get to the back of his head, where a big patch of hair was left untouched.

At least Mahoungou only had a patch to deal with, Bruce Hector’s head was shaved into stripes and Fletcher Cox was LOVING it. Hector... not as much.

Linebacker Asantay Brown had one of his teammates singing, “Movin’ on up!” after his George Jefferson shaped ‘do. It’s so bad, yet so, so good.

It wasn’t just players getting their domes shaved either. Malcolm Jenkins took his time shaving Chandon Sullivan’s beard, and mentioned Sullivan’s eyebrows and mustache might need a trim, as well.

After the locker room party, the rookies lined up on stage while head coach Doug Pederson reviewed his players’ work and determined a winner. Followed by lunch, where the taunts and jokes continued for what I’m guessing is the better part of the day.

If the video doesn’t load, you can watch it HERE - (hat tip to r/Eagles).

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