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Carson Wentz hopes to return to 11-on-11 in Eagles practice next week

The head coach and QB1 and 2 all talked about their progress heading into Week 2 of the preseason.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles-Training Camp James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday was the last day of practice for the Eagles before their Super Bowl rematch against the Patriots in their Week 2 preseason game, and head coach Doug Pederson and QBs Nick Foles and Carson Wentz took the podium to talk preparations and give some injury updates.

Here’s what they had to say:

Carson Wentz

  • The young QB was asked what he was able to take away from this year’s training camp, and while he was sidelined for a decent portion, Wentz did say he feels good physically. That both his knees and arms feel ready to go. As a team, he admitted there were some ups and downs — as there always are during camp.
  • The plan for him to return to 11-on-11’s is “hopefully next week” but as Pederson mentioned before, that’s something the coach and medical staff will look into this weekend. Wentz said the priority is to constantly communicated with the doctors as they progress.
  • Getting back into 11-on-11 drills isn’t the last hurdle, but rather the doctors clearing him for full participation. It’ll be close to Week 1, but ultimately is the doctors decision.
  • Wentz also wouldn’t say whether he was more or less optimistic about being ready in Week 1 than he had been earlier on in his injury. It felt like he had resolved to accept things one day at a time early on, and didn’t set expectations too high as he dealt with the rehab.
  • He isn’t concerned about having a limited number of reps with his receivers this offseason, due to a combination of him sitting out of certain drills, and several WRs missing time with injuries. Obviously, he said, you’d like those additional reps, but that it shouldn’t be a big factor heading into the season.
  • The QB is also really excited about what Mike Wallace brings to the offense, and the opportunity to have another veteran wideout — who is super fast — downfield.

Watch Carson Wentz’s press conference below (or click here):

Eagles QB Carson Wentz!

Posted by Bleeding Green Nation: For Philadelphia Eagles Fans on Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Doug Pederson

The head coach opened his press conference — and spent most of his time — talking about a whole host of injuries to different guys.

  • Nelson Agholor is out with a lower body injury, but should be back by Week 1. Pederson made that Week 1 was the timetable for his return, but wouldn’t get into it much more than that.
  • He also noted that Alshon Jeffery is day-to-day but wasn’t really sure where the reports came from that the WR could start the season on PUP.
  • Pederson does expect Nick Foles to get some playing time on Thursday against the Patriots, although that could be as few as a couple snaps. They still don’t want to rush things.
  • On how much they’d like to see Carson Wentz in 11-on-11 drills before Week 1, the head coach didn’t like to talk in hypotheticals, but did say they’d prefer to have a full week of practice before they get him back in-game. Pederson and the medical staff plan on looking at Wentz’s progress this weekend and make their plan from that.
  • Brandon Graham is another player who hasn’t seen much action this offseason, but Pederson made note, “I expect him to continue his rehab, his progression. He’s another one we’ll evaluate this weekend and see where he’s at.”
  • Jalen Mills left practice early, but Pederson wasn’t aware of why just yet, claiming he needed to talk to their medical staff to find out what happened.
  • Pederson also talked about the challenge of getting young QBs enough reps during training camp, while also trying to get your starters ready to play. He was asked about Christian Hackenberg specifically, but said there are plenty of throws to go around. Plus, it alleviates the pressure on everybody’s arm as they get deeper into camp.

Watch Doug Pederson’s press conference below (or click here):

Eagles head coach Doug Pederson speaking now

Posted by Bleeding Green Nation: For Philadelphia Eagles Fans on Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Nick Foles

  • The quarterback was asked how much he plans on playing on Thursday, but Foles says that’s a coaching decision, and Pederson will make that judgement call.
  • Foles was asked a lot about how it will feel facing off the Patriots again on Thursday and whether he was anticipating finally getting to talk to Tom Brady. He knew what the media was trying to get at, but ultimately said while they are familiar with New England, the team has different personnel so it’ll be fun to get back on the field and compete.
  • He also lauded Tom Brady as a player and as a guy, and isn’t worried about whether the veteran reached out after the Super Bowl (he hasn’t) but Foles quipped that the two have spoken before, and that he considers Brady “probably the greatest ever” and “even at his age, he keeps getting better”.
  • More than a Super Bowl rematch, Foles said he’s just excited to get some snaps in-game and hopes to be clean in his execution, but is just looking forward to feeling those emotions again and getting back on the field.
  • Foles was asked about Shelton Gibson, to which he replied, “Gibby does a great job of coming out here and working.” (heh, Gibby.) But the QB touted Gibson’s speed and route-running ability, and called him a dynamic player.
  • The quarterback also expressed his appreciation for the coaching staff building the offense around the personnel that they have, versus making players adjust to fit the scheme. Foles talked about having a large database of plays, and that allows the coaches to fit their play-calling to the talent they have. This is part of the reason he is excited for the year and all the talent they have at the skill positions, like wide receiver and running back.

Watch Nick Foles’ press conference below (or click here):

Nick Foles speaking now

Posted by Bleeding Green Nation: For Philadelphia Eagles Fans on Tuesday, August 14, 2018

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