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Dallas Goedert Injury Update: Eagles tight end is alive and well

Crisis averted.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles-Training Camp James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone take a deep breath: Dallas Goedert is doing just fine.

The Philadelphia Eagles rookie tight end is alive and well. His limbs are still very much attached to his body despite an injury ‘scare’ that occurred during Eagles training camp practice at Lincoln Financial Field on Saturday.

Hysteria started to swirl yesterday after Goedert had to leave Saturday’s practice early. There were some unsubstantiated rumors going around on social media that Goedert was seen leaving the Linc with his arm in a cast/sling.

I can assure you that Goedert did NOT have anything of the sort on his arm when he walked out to the practice field today.

Goedert did not participate in Sunday’s training camp practice, so he is a little banged up. You could tell he was experiencing some kind of soreness in his right arm based on how he was moving it around and examining it at times.

The good news, though, is that Goedert expects to be back at practice very soon. He said his injury is minor: just a “bump and a bruise.”

I’d like to think this Goedert injury situation should serve as a learning experience. Maybe don’t always jump to conclusions and assume the worst. The premise that “no news is bad news” when it comes to injuries just isn’t necessarily true. Sometimes there’s no news because, you know, there’s not much to say.

At least, that’s the case with Goedert here, who is seemingly going to be fine.

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