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Eagles’ punter Cameron Johnston kicks 81-yard bomb

It might have been negated by a penalty but it was still one hell of a kick.


There has only been one punter on the Eagles’ roster since Donnie Jones retired months ago: Cameron Johnston. There was a lot of speculation about whether Johnston — an undrafted signee just a year ago — would actually do enough this offseason and preseason to earn a roster spot.


Johnston didn’t exactly have a flawless performance in Thursday’s preseason game against the Steelers, but his punt heading into the fourth quarter was a beauty. Seriously though, he got about 70 yards through the air and 11 on the bounce, and that’s pretty damn good.

It shouldn’t be entirely surprising the Aussie punter out of Ohio State has some extra power behind his kicks based on these pre-training camp pics. #SwolePunter

I have stanned for Johnston making the final 53-man roster since last season, but with Jones out and no one else to compete with, the Buckeye is making a pretty good case to keep the position.

He’s still got some work to do, but the talent and power is all there, and was on full display in Week 1 of the preseason.

“Wow, I thought, overall, pretty decent job for the first time,” said Doug Pederson. “He had, of course, what was it? 80 yards, 81-yard punt that was extremely high and far, and that’s what he can do. He’s got a lot of leg talent. We continue to work with him. But I thought, overall, he did a nice job for his first time out.”

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