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Eagles have one of the longest NFL travel schedules in 2018

Season over.

Super Bowl LII - Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

After enjoying some of the NFL’s shorter travel schedules in past seasons, the Philadelphia Eagles now project to have one of the longest mileage totals in 2018.

According to CBS Sports, the Eagles will travel the 20,262 miles, which is the fifth most of any team. That’s 3,756 more miles from last year’s total.

Philadelphia’s game against the Jaguars in at Wembeley Stadium in London this season is an obvious explanation for the mileage increase. If the Eagles were playing the Jags in Jacksonville instead, they’d shed around 5,564 miles off their total. That would give them the league’s 18th longest schedule instead. But alas, that’s not the case.

Instead, the Eagles’ travel distance is the longest of any NFC East team and the second longest of any NFC team. The Seahawks are first in the NFC and second overall at 29,068 miles. The Dallas Cowboys rank 12th at 16,404 miles, the New York Giants rank 15th at 15,054 miles, and Washington comes in 20th at 12,936 miles.

Eagles 2018 Travel Map

Here’s a full map of the 2018 Eagles’ travel schedule that I made (through Google Maps) because I’m a loser with no life.

Will longer distance hurt the Eagles?

Travel distance is hardly a major factor, but it’s not always totally irrelevant. More of an inconvenience than something seriously debilitating.

The Los Angeles Rams had the NFL’s longest schedule in 2017 and they still made the playoffs.

Travel distances

Here’s a look at the Eagles’ road games ranked in order of one-way distance. (Click here for the entire Eagles 2018 schedule.)

1 - Jacksonville Jaguars (London) - 3,538 miles
2 - Los Angles Rams - 2,394 miles
3 - Dallas Cowboys - 1,314 miles
4 - New Orleans Saints - 1,089 miles
5 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 943 miles
6 - Tennessee Titans - 684 miles
7 - Washington Redskins - 114 miles
8 - New York Giants - 85 miles

Longest and shortest

The Oakland Raiders have the longest travel distance with 31,732 miles.

The Carolina Panthers have the shortest travel distance with 6,938 miles.

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