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The Eagles lost a good luck charm

A secret weapon is no more

NFL: Super Bowl LII-Philadelphia Eagles vs New England Patriots Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Gene Steratore retired as an NFL official after 15 seasons. For many, he will not be missed. The Eagles should be a little saddened. Steratore was the referee for 14 games involving the Eagles, and they were 11-3 in them.

Over those 14 games, the Eagles have a 141 point differential, which is excellent. Prorate that to 16 games, and they’re 13-3 with a 161 point differential, which is one point shy of the Eagles actual 2017 season.

Most importantly, Steratore was the referee for Super Bowl 52, which the Eagles won. He correctly ruled that Corey Clement properly caught and possessed the ball on his 22 yard touchdown, and he properly ruled that the Eagles were in a legal formation on the Philly Special. Some disputed these calls, but they were wrong and Gene Steratore was right.

In addition to his fine work with/for the Eagles, Steratore was the referee in both the infamous Calvin Johnson drop and its follow up Dez Bryant drop. Dez dropped it, and we can thank Gene for that. I’m not saying that he should be in the Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame for his contributions, but I’m not saying he shouldn’t be.

Gene, you will be missed in Philadelphia.

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