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Watch and be amazed by Eagles rookie Jordan Mailata’s incredible singing voice


via @Eagles

It very much remains to be seen if Philadelphia Eagles rookie Jordan Mailata, a former Australian rugby league player, can become good at playing offensive tackle in the NFL.

But there is one thing we do know he’s already very good at ... and that’s singing! Just watch this video and be amazed:

Holy crap, that’s beautiful. Who knew the 6-8, 346 behemoth had such great pipes?

Mailata briefly discussed his music background a little bit following Tuesday’s training camp practice.

“I was a musician before an athlete,” he said. “I’ve been playing since I was eight. Guitar, piano, a bit of everything.”

As is tradition, Mailata will join the rookie players who are required to put on a musical performance for the veterans during training camp. Mailata said he brought his guitar with him today in case he’s called upon again.

Mailata sure looks like he’s ready to put on a musical performance. But is he ready to play in a game?

“Uh, ask me that next week,” he said to me, with a laugh. “Right before the game. I still have eight more training sessions.”

Indeed, it’s been a tough learning curve for the 21-year-old, who had no real football experience before coming to Philadelphia. But for as much as he’s struggled, there have been some positive flashes. Former NFL offensive tackle and current NBC Sports Philadelphia analyst Barrett Brooks remarked to me that he saw some quality reps from Mailata today.

And hey, if the football thing doesn’t work out, it looks like the Australian might have a music career he can always fall back on. Look out, Keith Urban.

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