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The 2016 Eagles-Browns trade continues to be hilarious

The never ending gift

Cleveland Browns v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The outcome of the 2016 trade between the Eagles and Browns for Carson Wentz is dead, as the Eagles were indisputably the best team in the league in 2017 and the Browns were one of the worst in the history of the league. But it’s far from buried as every so often things pop up that remind of us of just how badly the Eagles clowned the Browns.

With no practice in camp today let’s take a moment to point and laugh reflect, because just in the past week there have been two such examples.

The list of things the Browns did better than the Eagles is short; the list of things the Eagles did better than the Browns is long. The biggest gap between the two, however, came on passing plays inside the opponents’ 20. That’s where the Eagles and Browns weren’t just the two most extreme teams of 2017, but two of the most extreme we’ve ever measured.

Football Outsiders’ DVOA is a great metric, here too the Eagles and Browns are worlds apart. Having calculated it back to 1986, the Eagles red zone offense in 2017 was the 3rd best they’ve ever seen. (Interestingly it was only the 2nd best Eagles red zone offense, behind the 1993 Randall Cunningham/Bubby Brister/Dave O’Brien mess.) The Browns? The 5th worst. They also point out that from 2015-2017, only three players have more total red zone interceptions than DeShone Kizer s 6,who was a rookie last year. Carson Wentz had 7 all season. Ouch.

The good news for the Browns, besides up being the only way to go from 0-16, is that everyone who played a part in that is gone. Kizer was traded to the Packers, Sashi Brown was fired, and Hue Jackson was *checks notes* oh dear.

Hue Jackson receives “unwavering” owners support

”So I think this will be the first opportunity Hue’s had the opportunity to do what we know he can do as head coach, as a leader.”

Doug Pederson is out here winning the Super Bowl, Hue Jackson is getting a mulligan.

Thank you Cleveland.

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