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3 ways you can help remind everyone that the Eagles are Super Bowl champions

Very important.

NFL: Super Bowl LII-Philadelphia Eagles vs New England Patriots Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

You might have noticed that I often point out the fact that the Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl champions. BGN’s Breaking News banner, which has been up since February 4, may have given it away. Or maybe you saw my tweets.

In any case, the Eagles are Super Bowl champions, and it’s important to remember that. You might think it’s petty to constantly point this out, and you’re not wrong. But that pettiness is clearly called for after years and years of people pointing out how the Eagles had no Super Bowl wins. Those people only have themselves to blame.

Thankfully, there’s a new opportunity to remind everyone that the Eagles won the Super Bowl. It involves voting for the Eagles for the ESPY awards they’ve been nominated for.

I know what you’re thinking: “Who cares about the ESPY awards?” The correct answer is probably no one. But the Eagles winning in their categories will cause people to tweet and write articles about the awards they received in relation to their Super Bowl win. It’ll serve as another reminder that the Eagles are world champions.

So join me in being petty and vote for the Eagles to win some ESPY awards. They are nominated for:

Best Play - The Philly Special

Best Team - Philadelphia Eagles

Best Championship Performance - Nick Foles

Click on the links above to go vote!


(As a bonus, you can also vote for Zach Ertz’s wife, Julie, to win best female athlete.)

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