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Carson Wentz (accidentally?) made a sex joke


NFL: Philadelphia Eagles-Training Camp James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

One of the lighter moments from the first day of 2018 Philadelphia Eagles training camp happened during Carson Wentz’s press conference.

After being peppered with a billion repetitive questions about the status of his knee and his recovery process, Wentz broke the mood (unintentionally or not) with a funny answer to a question.

Q: How has the down-time between spring practices and training camp been with also trying to push forward with your rehab?

WENTZ: It’s been a good balance. It was a great balance this summer. Just being back in North Dakota, doing some things for the [AO1] Foundation, but just finding ways to keep getting workouts in. Even on the honeymoon. Just trying to find ways to get a little rehab in and things like that. It was an amazing summer, I’ll say that.

Q: What were you doing on the honeymoon as far as rehab?

WENTZ: I got some workouts in. (smiles)

[media laughs]

WENTZ: ... in the fitness center! (turning bright red)

[more laughter]

You see, it’s funny because it’s a sex joke.

Watch a video version of the exchange below.

During the Eagles’ media availability in the locker room after practice, I heard Wentz insist that he didn’t intend his “I got some workouts in” answer to be the way that everybody took it. And that he only added the “... in the fitness center!” because of the laughter.

Sure, Carson. ;)

Wentz got married earlier this month and then enjoyed a honeymoon in Greece. He also apparently got some workouts in. Whatever they were, we do know they weren’t the 11-on-11 variety he did today.

I think.

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