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Did you know Eagles head coach Doug Pederson was once a movie star?

It’s true.

NFL: Super Bowl LII-Philadelphia Eagles vs New England Patriots Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Before there was “Doug Pederson: Super Bowl winning head coach” there was “Doug Pederson: movie star.”

Reddit user “nosefinger1” on r/Eagles recently spotted a Pederson cameo in the 2008 film The Longshots featuring Ice Cube and Keke Palmer.

Check out Pederson celebrating a touchdown at the 51:10 mark of this video:

That sure looks like Dougie P.

Let’s examine more closely.

Oh yeah, that clapping is a dead giveaway.

Just in case you had any doubts, though, another reddit user by the name of “dr_rex” did some fact-checking.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, consider this evidence:

Doug was coach of Calvary Baptist Academy in Shreveport, LA 2005-2008 (source)

Calvary Baptist Academy are the Cavaliers, Cavs for short.

The Longshots was filmed in Minden and Shreveport, LA (source)

Yeah, that’s Doug, and probably some of his high school players as extras in the movie. Nice catch!

And here’s an old picture of Pederson coaching at Calvary Baptist via Jessica Leigh of The Shreveport Times. You can see that the “C” logo matches up.

Pretty random/cool, huh?

Also pretty crazy to think that, in about 10 years from when the clip was shot, this high school football coach would be leading the Philadelphia Eagles to their first Super Bowl victory in franchise history.

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