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Eagles’ Doug Pederson made two bets with Saints’ Sean Payton ... and won them both

Dougie P does it again!

Super Bowl LII - Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Doug Pederson just can’t stop winning.

It was recently revealed that the Philadelphia EaglesSuper Bowl winning head coach won a bet with New Orleans Saints boss Sean Payton earlier this offseason. has the details from a American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament conference call.

Back in March at the NFL Annual Meeting in Orlando, Eagles coach Doug Pederson and Saints coach Sean Payton played a round of golf. On their third hole, they made a bet. Winner picks the jerseys for the Eagles-Saints game in Week 11 in New Orleans.

Pederson won the hole, and the bet. It was one of multiple bets Pederson won against the Saints coach that day.

Very smart bet by Pederson. Not counting a meaningless Week 17 game where Philadelphia barely played their starters (and still only lost by six points), the Eagles were 11-0 while wearing their midnight green home jerseys last season. That includes the game where the Eagles won the Super Bowl.

The Eagles can use any extra “edge” they can get while playing the Saints in the Superdome this season. That’s arguably their toughest game of the year.

The other bet that Pederson made with Payton doesn’t have any impact on the game. Instead, it had to do with something WAY more important: food. notes Payton had to send some “New Orleans food” including “beignets and coffee” to the NovaCare Complex in South Philadelphia. Straight from Café du Monde, I imagine.

From something as big as the Philly Special to something as small as jersey color preference, Pederson is rarely afraid to take risks. That’s why he’s Big Balls Doug.

And the NFL’s raddest dad.

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