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Enjoy this behind the scenes video about the Eagles’ Super Bowl rings

Good summer content.

Looking to pass some time during a quiet week in the NFL? The Philadelphia Eagles have you covered with this 20-minute behind-the-scenes video about their Super Bowl rings.

This feature goes into the making of the ring as well as showing some great clips from the ring presentation ceremony the Eagles held on the night of Thursday, June 14.

It’s pretty cool to see how happy everyone was at the party.

The dynamic between the organization’s former and current members especially stood out to me.

You have LeGarrette Blount real happy to see Nate Sudfeld. Howie Roseman is hugging Vinny Curry, who was cut by Roseman earlier this offseason, and telling him he misses him. Doug Pederson is genuinely excited about Frank Reich being a head coach now. Pederson also couldn’t help but relive the Philly Special with Trey Burton. These relationships exemplify the amazing chemistry the Eagles had last season.

It’s sad to think that this party was the last time the 2017 Eagles will be gathered together in one place. But the rings serve as a reminder that the memory of this team will live on forever.

The Eagles are Super Bowl champions and no one can ever take that away.

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