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Eagles cheerleaders get pendants, not rings, to celebrate Super Bowl win

It just doesn’t make sense when you look at who all they’ve given rings too since the win.


So, the Philadelphia Eagles held their Super Bowl ring ceremony back in June, and it was an affair to remember. From the green carpet, to Meek Mill performing “Dreams and Nightmares”, the entire team and city has been celebrating this win since the second the final whistle blew.

Everything has been great. The team did the right thing giving former players and team staff their own rings and making the win as inclusive as possible. They even opened a contest for one lucky fan to win their own SB ring with a donation to the team’s Autism Challenge.

There was one group, however, oddly omitted from the “gets a ring” list: The cheerleaders.

Did they throw a pass or make a tackle in the big game? No. But neither did the wonderful secretary who inspired the flea-flicker in the NFC Championship game (who was fired under Chip Kelly). And just like Carol Wilson got a ring from Jeff Lurie, so too should the cheerleaders. But instead, they get pendants. (I mean, that’s great and all, but WTF!?)

It would have been different if the team hadn’t been so liberal passing out rings to current and former people associated with the franchise. If you’re going to celebrate with everyone; that should probably include the people who show up every game day and add a little bit of coin to Lurie’s pocket in the process. (The proceeds from those calendar sales sure aren’t going to the girls.)

This is the one thing the team has done this offseason that I don’t agree with.

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