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Chris Long is taking on his biggest community project yet

And he needs your help!

NFL: NFC Championship-Minnesota Vikings at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Long is a spectacular human.

There’s a laundry list of evidence. From the Waterboys initiative in east Africa to the donations to schools in Charlottesville, Long has emphasized for his short but illustrious Eagles career that he has one goal: to give back to the communities that mean the most to him.

And now he’s giving back to Philadelphia. In the most beautiful of ways.

Imagine casually tossing the idea of putting up a mural of Beau Allen—a since-departed Philadelphia Eagle!—and having nobody doubt that you’re serious. (Okay, I have a little doubt, but still.) It takes work to build such a zany, carefree reputation. But that’s what we have in Long: a player who admitted he fell in love with Philadelphia, elected to keep playing for at least one more year, and now wants to immortalize a lovable, fan favorite player that never would have gotten a mural otherwise.

But one man is not enough! Even a man as influential as Long. He’s done quite the legwork, but now, Bleeding Green Nation...the hero rallies the people to join him in his quest:

Chris needs a wall.

If you’ve admired Chris’s work in the world; or have an overwhelming love of Big, Beautiful Beau, consider donating your wall to Chris’s mural. I can’t promise that he’ll let you pick the picture of Beau to use (read: he won’t) but you’ll get to walk by it every day and remember that, when the throes of Super Bowl victory washed over him, and Chris Long undertook another unthinkable project, you were there for him in his hour of need.

Reach out. Inspire others. Put a massive picture of a backup defensive tackle in the center of the city. Change the world.

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