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Eagles News: Former NFL scout says Carson Wentz will win MVP in 2018

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 6/4/18.

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Let’s get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Daniel Jeremiah: “He would’ve been the MVP of the league last year. Carson Wentz was playing better football than any other quarterback in the league. They won a Super Bowl with Nick Foles, [but] they don’t even get close to that without what [Wentz] did to get them in that position. You want size? You want mobility? You want arm strength? How about leadership? How about being able to have everything at your disposal at the line of scrimmage? Carson Wentz can do everything. You’re going to see this year, he’s going to come back off of that gruesome injury and he’s going to — he WILL be the MVP in the NFL this year. And when that happens, when they hand him the trophy — he might get another Super Bowl trophy! — I don’t know. But he’s going to win the MVP this year.”

Top 10 plays from the Eagles’ Super Bowl season - BGN
It’s been nearly four months since the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 4, 2018. Crazy how time flies, right? With OTAs in session, the Eagles are turning the page on 2017 and getting ready for the challenge to repeat as world champions 2018. But that doesn’t mean we can’t take this slow Sunday to look back at the top plays from a special season. The NFL conveniently put together a clip of the Eagles’ top 10 plays from their entire 2017 season.

Should the Eagles have interest in talented CB in the 2018 NFL Supplemental Draft? - PhillyVoice
To note, the supplemental draft goes round-by-round, and teams lose a draft pick in the corresponding round of the following year’s regular draft if they bid on, and are awarded, a player. In other words, when the Browns selected Gordon in the second round of the 2012 supplemental draft, they lost their second round pick in the regular 2013 NFL Draft. Seeing as the Eagles had just five draft picks in 2018, and are projected to have an abundance of them in 2019, it could make some sense for them to bid on Alexander with a late round pick.

4th Down - Iggles Blitz
I certainly agree with Jimmy that other teams are going to be slow to jump on this bandwagon. You need a good offense, to make you feel confident about going for it. You need a good defense, to feel confident you can handle things if the offense doesn’t get the 1st down. Those two simple requirements will eliminate plenty of teams. I think other teams will want to see what the Eagles do this year. You can bet plenty of guys around the league will believe last year was an anomaly. I’m not talking about the winning, but the success on 3rd an 4th down. Some will want the Eagles to show they can repeat this, especially now that other teams know the Eagles mindset.

De’Vante Bausby scoring early points in battle for Eagles’ nickel corner job - Daily News
They say age is only a number. But it’s much more than that right now for De’Vante Bausby. It’s a reminder that his NFL career is on the clock. It has not escaped his attention that, at 25, he is the oldest cornerback on the Eagles’ spring roster. Given that he has played in only four NFL games since coming out of Division II Pittsburg (Kan.) State in 2015, that’s not a good thing. “I’m running out of time,’’ Bausby acknowledged. “I need to put it all together. It’s been four years. I feel like I’ve got everything right now, got all the information I need. Now I just need to put it together out there on the field.’’ Bausby has spent the bulk of the last three years laboring on NFL practice squads, including most of last year with the Eagles’.

Dolphins Reset, Patriots Regroup, NFL Recharges - Sports Illustrated
Three magic letters you’ll hear from Bears minicamp: R-P-O. We know new Chicago coach Matt Nagy will be implementing run-pass option concepts for quarterback Mitch Trubisky (and that’s good, since he ran some in college). I noted a couple weeks ago in the Game Plan that Minnesota will be doing it behind new coordinator John DeFilippo. And you’ll see it with Indy and new coach Frank Reich too. All that makes sense, since Kansas City (Nagy) and Philly (Reich, DeFilippo) ran more RPOs, per Pro Football Focus’ numbers, than anyone else in the league, and all these guys, including Eagles coach Doug Pederson, branch off the Andy Reid coaching tree. What’s more interesting? As I’ve heard it, coaches all over the NFL are tapping into their connections in college football to learn more about RPO concepts, both in an effort to learn to implement them (with the main concern being protecting your quarterback) and defend against them.

The Story Behind The Viral Wedding Video -
You’ve likely seen the video by now. It’s been featured everywhere from sports talk shows to pop culture sites. Patrick Hanks and his wife, Jennifer, were married last Saturday, May 26 at the Bear Creek Mountain Resort in Macungie, Pennsylvania. The wedding officiant was set to pronounce the couple husband and wife but had one last bit of business to settle. While attending a wedding after-party back in October, Patrick and Jennifer’s close friend, Keith Wiest, proposed a bet. If the Eagles win the Super Bowl, Jennifer had to allow Patrick to wear a Carson Wentz jersey at their wedding. In a good mood after celebrating into the early morning hours, Jennifer simply replied, “Yeah, sure.” The Eagles were 5-1 after defeating the Carolina Panthers. She’s a die-hard fan, don’t get it twisted, but who knew that THIS would be the year?

Carson Wentz announces launch of free food truck - NBC Sports Philadelphia
Leave it to Carson Wentz to announce a new charity initiative during the middle of a different charity event. That’s exactly what the Eagles’ star quarterback did Friday night. During his inaugural AO1 Foundation Charity Softball Game, Wentz announced the creation of a 25-foot truck that will distribute food to folks in the Delaware Valley who need it. “The goal is to provide something different, to provide the atmosphere to just love on people,” Wentz said. “I think things that are free these days are kind of confusing. There’s no strings attached with this. I think people will just see and experience something different with that.”

Metrics that Matter: Players most dependent on gamescript - PFF
I’m not reading too much into Case Keenum or Philip Rivers‘ rankings on the other end of the spectrum (considering their passing splits didn’t match up with their production splits), but I do think it’s noteworthy for Dak Prescott. Prescott certainly fit the stereotype of a game manager, with pass differentials in line with Mariota and company, but it’s interesting to note his production went in the opposite direction, and I think I know why. Last year, Prescott averaged 19.6 fantasy points per game when Ezekiel Elliott was on the field, but only 13.8 fantasy points per game in the six games Elliott was absent. I wonder if part of his fantasy value isn’t heavily tied to defenses selling out to stop the run (Elliott) and boosting his efficiency numbers as a result. Remember, defenses are more fearful of the run when the offense is holding a lead.

Eagles guard Brandon Brooks joins the bandwagon of Belichick critics - Pats Pulpit
So what started a couple weeks after the Super Bowl with Eagles tackle Lane Johnson taking a victory lap - which, by all means, go for it, if you can beat the GOAT, you’ve earned it - now we’re up to Cassius Marsh getting himself cut on purpose and another Eagles offensive lineman is getting his shots in. Only this one’s playing six degrees of Kevin Bacon a little bit - Philly guard Brandon Brooks never played for Belichick, although he did play for former Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien in Houston, which, ipso facto, gives Brooks plenty of expertise on the subject.

What’s the worst sports prediction you’ve ever made? - SB Nation
Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson is set to jump into Lake Erie Friday, fulfilling a promise he made after predicting that his team would not go 1-15 again in 2017. Instead, they went 0-16, so he’s taking his lumps. But then again, we’ve all had our bad sports predictions, haven’t we? Maybe you thought the Browns were good for two wins in 2017. Or maybe you, like our own James Brady, noted football expert, thought in 2008 that quarterback J.T O’Sullivan was going to be a Pro Bowler under Mike Martz for the San Francisco 49ers. Sometimes, you’re just unbelievably, spectacularly wrong. Sometimes, we all are. So let’s all go jump in a lake and collectively dunk on ourselves for what are some truly terrible sports predictions.


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