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Book review: ‘Believe It,’ by Nick Foles

Photo by Cody Benjamin

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback and Super Bowl LII MVP Nick Foles has been busy promoting his new book, “Believe It: My Journey of Success, Failure and Overcoming the Odds,” this week.

Released by Tyndale on Wednesday, it’s already been featured on the national media circuit and emerged as an Amazon bestseller.

Here, I offer my thoughts on the new hardcover; just a few, in fact, only so as not to prolong you from reading the book yourself:

If there’s one sports book you’re going to read in 2018, make it “Believe It,” which arrives just under five months after its author, Nick Foles, captained the first Super Bowl win in Philadelphia Eagles history. Candid in its tone and enrapturing in its delivery, it is ferociously readable, particularly for Eagles fans. Best of all, though, it is powered by Foles’ true, wholesome story, all but convincing you he was destined for Super Bowl stardom just so he could tell it. Seamlessly blending a retelling of his on-field career with anecdotes on the love, leisure and losses of his personal life, “Believe It” should satisfy the true NFL fan’s thirst for behind-the-scenes notes on Foles’ move from team to team, all while serving as a reminder of the real, human struggle beneath the game. A stark and welcome contrast to cliched sports memoirs, it shares the sheer amazement of a story made for Hollywood, all while testifying to a faith and humility so often overlooked.

In other words, read this. Nick Foles fan or not, I hesitate to believe that you won’t develop a fondness for his character, let alone his contributions to Eagles history, if you page through “Believe It.” And if you’re like me, paging through it will be an absolute breeze.

Nick Foles’ “Believe It” is available online and in stores.

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