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The Eagles set one of the best records in NFL history earlier this year

NFL: Super Bowl LII-Philadelphia Eagles vs New England Patriots Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

It’s NFL records week over at SB Nation so now’s the perfect time to talk about some Philadelphia Eagles accomplishments.

Rather than talk about something that happened a long time ago, however, I’d like to revisit something a little more recent. A record that was broken earlier this year.

I’m talking about Nick Foles becoming the first quarterback to ever catch a touchdown in the Super Bowl, of course. The Philly Special.

It took 52 years for a quarterback to log a receiving touchdown in the Super Bowl. It could be a very long time before we see it happen again. If ever.

Even if there is another quarterback receiving touchdown, it likely won’t be as epic as this play. Just everything about it is fantastic. Doug Pederson having the balls to go for it on fourth down. Foles having the stones to suggest the play. A rookie undrafted free agent running back (Corey Clement) being relied on to take a direct snap and pitch the ball to a third string tight end (Trey Burton) to throw to a backup quarterback (Foles). The fact that Tom Brady dropped his catch attempt on a trick play earlier in the game was just the cherry on top. You also had to love seeing Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia look furiously bamboozled on the sideine.

There are a lot of cool records in Eagles history but it didn’t feel right NOT highlighting this year’s Super Bowl win once again. Here’s a look at some other note-worthy records I was looking over.

  • LeSean McCoy became the Eagles’ all-time leader in rushing yards in just six seasons. Can you imagine if Chip Kelly never traded him? McCoy has rushed for 3,300 yards since being sent to the Bills. He easily could’ve gone over the 10,000 mark with Philly.
  • In addition to his Super Bowl TD reception, Foles’ game with seven touchdown throws (tied with Peyton Manning) should last for some time.
  • Harold Carmichael’s receiving stats are going to be hard to beat. His 589 receptions are 137 more than the next closest player (Pete Reztlaff). His 8,978 receiving yards are 1,566 more than the next closet player (Retzlaff). And Carmichael’s 79 touchdowns are 13 more than the next closest player (Tommy McDonald). DeSean Jackson had a chance to beat Carmichael’s numbers if he wasn’t released.
  • One Eagles player by the name of Norm “Wild Man” Willey supposedly had SEVENTEEN SACKS in one game. Dave Mangels wrote a good piece about that before.
  • Speaking of sacks, the late, great Reggie White notched 124 of those in Philly. That’s 38.5 more than the next closest player (Trent Cole). It’s safe to say the Minister of Defense’s record isn’t going to beat any time soon.
  • Hall of Fame safety Brian Dawkins (that sounds great, doesn’t it?) is the only player in NFL history with 25+ sacks, 25+ forced fumbles, and 25+ interceptions. That really speaks to how he was such a special defender.
  • Darren Sproles only needs 528 more all-purpose yards to be fifth overall in NFL history. He can’t realistically catch anyone in the top four: 1) Jerry Rice, 2) Brian Mitchell, 3) Walter Payton, and 4) Emmitt Smith.
  • It’s not impossible that Jason Peters could play for two more seasons and make the Pro Bowl in those years. If he does, he’d be the first Eagles player to ever reach nine Pro Bowls. Chuck Bednarik holds the current record with eight.
  • Jake Elliott made franchise history with his 61-yard game-winning field goal against the Giants last season. It was also the longest kick by a rookie in NFL history.
  • Donovan McNabb obviously holds a number of Eagles franchise passing records but it’s likely only a matter of time before Carson Wentz takes those over. Wentz needs 25,796 more passing yards and 168 more passing touchdowns to be the new record-holder in those categories. At his current rate, that should take about eight more seasons.

What’s YOUR favorite Eagles record? Or NFL record?

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