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Madden Gives Eagles a Massive Rating... Or Do They?

EA source sheds light on leaked ratings

EA Sports’ Madden ’19 hits shelves August 10th but the ratings have leaked nearly two months early, according to the internet. There’s a twist coming, but first take a look at how the teams stack up.

That’s a massive rating for the defending Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles. Plus they have the Los Angeles Rams with a lower rating than teams like the Dallas Cowboys and Oakland Raiders. Surely, there must be some mistake, right? Not regarding the Eagles of course, but the Cowboys and Raiders over the Rams is a scorching hot take.

I reached out to Andre Weingarten, a designer and ratings assistant for Madden and he said that the ratings on EA Play that are being released to the public are intentionally false. He went on to say that the overall ratings were “scrambled” and the individual ratings are up to 10+ off their actual ratings.

The player ratings being spread around the internet have the Eagles with four players above a 90 overall: Malcolm Jenkins, Fletcher Cox, Jason Kelce and Brandon Graham, in that order. Carson Wentz is rated as the 10th best player, just below Ronald Darby, which should be a clue that’s something is off. A very small portion of those individual ratings will remain the same, according to Weingarten.

The Eagles will still be highly rated when Madden ’19 hits shelves in August, but it looks like the gigantic gap between them and the rest of the league may have been a trick play.

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