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Lane Johnson Takes Aim at Pro Football Focus

Is there a new offensive line grading/evaluation system coming?

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

The validity of Pro Football Focus’ grading system has long been debated. While they offer more in the way of advanced analytics through various membership programs, they will always be tied to those grades. They’re a conveniently simple number, wrapped in a neat package that casual fans either appreciate or despise.

Fans can point to those grades to confirm their bias, they can blow them off completely when they disagree, or they can dig further into the advanced analytics to understand how they arrived at that number. The heat around those discussions is never ending and the feelings around those grades have only intensified since they’ve gained more mainstream exposure after sportscaster Cris Collinsworth bought majority interest in their service in 2014.

Players tend to take a more cynical stance on websites’ process, especially offensive linemen. This includes Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles offensive tackle Lane Johnson, who tweeted about the company on Sunday night.

Johnson deleted the tweet roughly an hour later and hasn’t tweeted again since the time of this writing. Not only does he take a shot at PFF, but also their lead NFL analyst, Sam Monson.

Furthermore, Johnson goes on to say that “all of that’s going to change very soon!!!” Is this a hint that a new service will enter the football media world to evaluate offensive line play? Typically with social media, the eyeball emojis would say all signs point to yes.

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