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Relive the Eagles’ first Super Bowl win with this cool digital poster!

Relive the Philadelphia Eagles first Super Bowl victory with this cool data viz.

The Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl win has certainly changed our lives forever. Perhaps it will even serve as a defining feature for a new generation of Eagles fans. Dialing down the hyperbole a bit, the win has presented me with opportunities I would not have had otherwise. Here is one of them.

A few weeks ago I came across a data viz created by Adam McCann. He’s a New York Giants fan, but let’s not hold that against him (he’s a cool guy). McCann visualized the plays from the Giants Super Bowl 42 win against the Patriots. I thought it was really clever so I decided to adapt it to the best Super Bowl in history. McCann wasn’t too thrilled.


Check it out below. Hover over the hops and lines to see each play’s detail. A less interactive 24 x 36 poster of this sucker will be hanging in my office soon.

The viz is best used on a PC or Tablet. If it doesn’t load for you, click here. Thank you PFR for the data!

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