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The Eagles got their Super Bowl rings with some help from these guys

Thanks for the help!

Arizona Cardinals v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Yesterday the Philadelphia Eagles Football Team received their Super Rings, which they earned by winning the Super Bowl.

Today, we honor those who directly or strongly indirectly aided the Eagles in their championship run, but aren’t worthy of receiving a ring. Every success story is born from failures.

Chip Kelly

“The darkest hour is just before dawn.” The Eagles have been in darker times than they were when they fired Chip Kelly, but the proverb still applies. The team was in a bad shape from top to bottom due to Kelly’s disastrous tenure as GM. He left the Eagles with few choices in what direction to go after firing him, and the decision to intentionally carry on Kelly’s unintentional blow up of the team was the right one. Thanks Chip!

Ben McAdoo

Let us not forget that the Eagles wanted Ben McAdoo to replace Kelly, but he chose to stay with the Giants. The Eagles then turned to Doug Pederson, and it’s fair to say that worked out alright. What could have been. Thanks for turning the Eagles down Ben!

The Cleveland Browns

Thanks for deciding that Carson Wentz would never be a top 20 QB and trading back!

Jeff Fisher

What if the Rams had traded up for Carson Wentz? The Eagles either don’t trade up for a QB in 2016, in which case they definitely don’t get into position to win the Super Bowl; or they settle on Jared Goff, and then who knows what would have happened. What we do know that happened is that Carson Wentz put the team in position to get the top seed in the NFC and then carry on to a Super Bowl run. Because the Rams didn’t take him. Accepting the award on behalf of the Rams is Jeff Fisher, who had final say on the Rams and has nothing better to do these days. Thanks Jeff!

The 2017 Minnesota Vikings QB depth chart

Teddy Bridgewater unfortunately suffered a devastating knee injury that put the Vikings into panic mode.

They then traded for Sam Bradford, the 1st round pick given up for him turned out to be Derek Barnett, who forced and recovered fumbles in the playoffs.

When Bradford got hurt, they turned to Case Keenum, and the clock struck midnight when he took the field for the second possession of the NFC Championship Game.

Thanks guys!

Adam Gase

Gase, like McAdoo, was a target to replace Chip Kelly, but took the Miami job before the Eagles could even offer him the job. He then set about trying to replicate Chip Kelly: moderately successful first season, then stripping the team of parts in the name of culture. Thanks for Jay Ajayi!

The oddsmakers

Maybe it was just a fad, or maybe it’s something we’ll be telling people about a generation from now, but the dog masks that Lane Johnson and Chris Long donned after beating the Falcons in the playoffs launched a rallying cry that certainly didn’t hurt in galvanizing the team. Thanks for thinking that the Super Bowl champions wouldn’t win a single playoff game!

Tom Brady’s hands

The hands that hold five rings dropped a chance at a sixth. Twice! Thanks Tom!

Thank you to all these we have honored. The Eagles couldn’t have done it without you.

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