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Malcolm Jenkins and Eagles’ DBs hang “YOU AREN’T LISTENING” shirts near their lockers

This was never about the national anthem, and now players are making sure people know that.

John Barchard

Just a week after holding up signs at his locker instead of speaking to reporters, Malcolm Jenkins has thought of a new way to emphasize his message about criminal justice reform and a new way to reshape the narrative back to the reason behind the protests.

Jenkins took the opportunity last week to change the topic of conversation from why the team was or wasn’t planning on attending the White House visit, to instead shine a light on all the great work NFL players are doing in their communities and to re-highlight some of the glaring statistics to back up their calls for change.

A black t-shirt with “YOU AREN’T LISTENING” emblazoned on the front now hangs just outside his locker.

It wasn’t just Jenkins to don the new statement-making casual wear either, with several other defensive backs hanging versions of the same shirt near their lockers.

The Philadelphia Eagles are one of the most forward-thinking teams in the NFL, and with a roster full of players who put their money where their mouth is -- regardless of whether they have an obligation to do so -- the team is in a unique position to get people to listen.

When Jenkins, or Chris Long, or Lane Johnson, or Jason Kelce speak, people listen. And sometimes being silent makes an even bigger statement.

Kudos to Jenkins and the rest of the team for being men fans and community members can be proud of — on and off the field.

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