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Looking back at how the Vikings fueled the Eagles’ Super Bowl win in Minnesota

Taking some time to appreciate a special championship run.

Minnesota Vikings v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

SB Nation’s NFL blogs have been running some fun, hypothetical “What if?” articles this week.

For my post, I wrote about how former Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater suffering a devastating knee injury during a training camp practice ultimately led to the Eagles winning their first Super Bowl ... IN Minnesota’s home stadium.

You can read the entire thing over at the SB Nation mothership. Here’s a tease:

The Vikings don’t trade for Bradford if Bridgewater doesn’t get hurt. And the Eagles don’t win the Super Bowl without the Vikings acquiring Bradford.

In a world where Bridgewater stays healthy, Bradford probably starts most of the season for the Eagles in 2016. He doesn’t get benched until he inevitably gets hurt or Philly is eliminated from post-season contention. As a result, Wentz misses out on valuable reps and is merely good in 2017 instead of being dominant. Philadelphia tops out around 9-7 and Doug Pederson isn’t close to being the folk hero he is today. Bradford gets traded during the 2017 offseason for something like a fourth-round pick.

It’s pretty crazy to think how this one injury changed so much for the Eagles, not to mention a lot of other teams and players as well.

What a masterstroke by Howie Roseman. That trade was the original 38-7.

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