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Cory Undlin Says Eagles Made the Cowboys Quit

The Eagles defensive backs coach had choice words for Dallas

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Nobody likes a quitter, but that’s exactly what Philadelphia Eagles defensive backs coach Cory Undlin called the Dallas Cowboys today.

Undlin is of course referring to the Eagles Week 11 37-9 win over the Cowboys. In that game, the Eagles went down 9-7 at half, only to storm back and score 30 consecutive points. The Cowboys offense totaled 99 yards on 5 drives in the 2nd half, including a Dak Prescott interception and a Prescott fumble that went the opposite way for a touchdown. The Eagles had no issues moving the ball after the 1st half, amassing 268 yards and three consecutive touchdown drives.

But it wasn’t just the box score that points to the Cowboys tapping out. Showing himself to be the anti-Pederson, head coach Jason Garrett punted on 4th down twice in the 3rd quarter. The first punt came with the Cowboys down 15-9 from the Eagles 39-yard line on 4th and 10. Shortly after, the Cowboys trailed by 14 points and elected to punt on a 4th and 2 from their own 45-yard line. Down 37-9 and with a few minutes remaining in the 4th, Prescott was pulled for Cooper Rush, and the Cowboys would punt again at the 2-minute warning. The white flag was officially being waved.

This isn’t the first time the Cowboys accused of quitting during the 2017 season. In a Week 2 42-17 meltdown loss suffered at the hands of the otherwise toothless Denver Broncos, Ezekiel Elliot rushed for 8 yards on 9 carries, compiling a miserable 13 touch, 22 yard output. His frustration climaxed after two late interceptions. Elliott failed to chase the ball on both plays and on one occasion sulked with his hands on his hips while play continued for several seconds.

Elliott addressed the plays after the game, claiming that wasn’t representative of who he was as a player or a leader.

Despite the statement, the lack of effort garnered critical opprobrium from the national media, his coaches, and even former Cowboy and Hall of Famer Deion Sanders.

For the Cowboys to turn around their fortunes in 2018, they’ll have to be mentally tougher on a team and on an individual basis. Dorothy may be able to click her heels three times to go back to Kansas, but Jason Garrett clapping three times won’t give the Tin Man his heart back.

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