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Early NFL point spreads only have the Eagles as underdogs twice this season

No longer the dogs.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Last week we looked at the Philadelphia Eagles’ updated Super Bowl odds and projected win totals for the 2018 NFL season. Now, thanks to CG Sportsbooks, we already have some early point spreads for the first sixteen weeks of the upcoming season.

You might not be surprised to see that the defending Super Bowl champions are favored in a majority of the games.

Week 1 versus Atlanta Falcons: Eagles favored by 4

Week 2 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Eagles favored by 3

Week 3 versus Indianapolis Colts: Eagles favored by 10

Week 4 at Tennessee Titans: Eagles favored by 1.5

Week 5 versus Minnesota Vikings: Eagles favored by 3.5

Week 6 at New York Giants: Eagles favored by 3

Week 7 versus Carolina Panthers: Eagles favored by 6

Week 8 at Jacksonville Jaguars (in London): Pick ‘em

Week 9: BYE - NO GAME

Week 10 versus Dallas Cowboys: Eagles favored by 5.5

Week 11 at New Orleans Saints: Eagles underdogs by 2

Week 12 versus New York Giants: Eagles favored by 8.5

Week 13 versus Washington Redskins: Eagles favored by 7.5

Week 14 at Dallas Cowboys: Pick ‘em

Week 15 at Los Angeles Rams: Eagles underdogs by 1

Week 16 versus Houston Texans: Eagles favored by 5.5

Week 17 at Washington Redskins: (No line posted since teams could potentially be resting starters)

Some observations from above:

  • Week 11 at New Orleans and Week 15 at Los Angeles are the only two games where the Eagles are underdogs. And even then, those home teams getting the standard three point home team favorite treatment. The Rams game is essentially a pick’ em with LA being favored by a mere point.
  • Speaking of pick ‘ems, those mark the only other two games where the Eagles aren’t favored to win: Week 8 against Jags in London and Week 14 in Dallas. If the Jags game was being held in Florida, the Eagles would likely be listed as three point dogs. Neutral field ftw.
  • The week where the Eagles are favored by the most points? Week 3 against Frank Reich’s Colts. Makes sense since their quarterback situation is sketchy with no one knowing if/when Andrew Luck will be back for sure.
  • The week where the Eagles are the biggest underdogs? Against the Saints in Week 11. That makes sense. Tough place to play down there in the Superdome.
  • Most suspicious point spread? Week 4 against the Titans, where the Eagles are only favored by 1.5. Trap game potential.
  • The point spread that’s likely to make whiny Vikings fans complain some more? Week 6 against Minnesota, where the Eagles are favored by slightly more than the standard three points. Can someone do the math for me on how many points are between 38 and 7?
  • The Eagles are heavily favored in their home games against NFC East teams.

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