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Chris Long trolled hockey Twitter and then it became #FakeNews

Things blew up really, really quickly for the Eagle — and you can tell he was basking in it.

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So, Chris Long has been trolling people on Twitter for three days now, and the whole thing just keeps getting bigger and bigger. It all started with a sarcastic hot take about how he’d rather watch the NBA over the NHL because hockey players take too many breaks.

I mean, coming from an athlete who plays football, and only takes at most half the snaps in any given game, it seemed pretty obvious the Eagle DE was just trying to get under people’s skin. And it worked pretty much instantly.

Long spent the better part of the next several hours retweeting his critics, from those who typically support him and his off-field efforts, to the ones who have clearly hated him even before his hot take trolling.

Even after making it perfectly clear that he was just stirring the pot, the Daily Caller picked up the story and ran with it. The writer — who identifies as a Chris Long fan early on in his post -- goes on for over 270 words about why this was one of the dumbest tweets ever about hockey.

Long’s social experiment seemed to work, and the recent Super Bowl winner appeared rather proud of himself for making headlines with his fake take. He responded with the #FakeNews hashtag and continued sarcastically dragging the Daily Caller through the mud.

(I can’t help but think of the Big Bang Theory episode in Season 4 when Sheldon and Amy track how gossip spreads faster the juicier it is: “Our false gossip meme appears to have reached node lambda.”)

Chris Long has been lambasted before, from his support of his protesting teammates and colleagues, to his response to the new National Anthem policy, but the Eagle likes to live in the heat. He doesn’t let social pressure convince him to whisper his ideals, and likes to let loose with some wild theories that he shares with the world on Twitter.

It’s just really important to understand Long’s personality and penchant for sarcastic and facetious comments if you’re going to follow him online.

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