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NFL executives think Eagles got one of the biggest steals in the 2018 NFL Draft

In more ways than one, I suppose.

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I feel like the term “steal” probably gets thrown around way too much in regards to the NFL Draft. I feel this way because I’ve written a bunch of articles in the past few years about certain players being referred to as “steals.” Jalen Mills. Mack Hollins. Josh Sweat. And so on.

I don’t even disagree that these players can be considered as steals. It’s just that a bunch of other teams probably have a lot of players considered to be steals as well. If everyone is a steal, is anyone actually a steal? And by whose standards is someone a steal, anyway? A fan? A ‘draft analyst’?

Today we’ll be looking at some players who are considered steals by actual league executives. ESPN’s Mike Sando polled some NFL general managers and personnel evaluators to determine the biggest steal in each round of the 2018 NFL Draft. One of the Eagles’ picks made the list. Via In$ider:

49. Dallas Goedert, TE, Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles acquired this pick from the Indianapolis Colts, who got it from the New York Jets, who got it from the Seahawks in the Sheldon Richardson trade. They leap-frogged the NFC East-rival Dallas Cowboys in the process.

”Goedert is not a U [movement tight end], he is not a Y [in-line tight end], but he is a little bit of both,” the insider responsible for the second round said. “I gave him a late-first-round grade. He reminded me of a poor man’s Jason Witten. He is just solid -- played strong, has great hands and blocks well enough. He will get better as a blocker with technique, and he has the right mentality in that area. He might not be a Pro Bowler, but I looked at him and thought he would play 10 years in the league.”

C’mon, ESPN. It’s Philly Goedert.

Speaking of Witten, it’s possible the Cowboys wanted Goedert, which is why the Eagles jumped them to get him. That would make Goedert a steal in more than just one sense. The Cowboys have denied they wanted Goedert, but would they really admit to getting bossed by their division rivals? In their own building? When the Eagles are coming off a Super Bowl win?


Goedert definitely seems like a good value selection for the Eagles, especially considering he easily could’ve been in play at pick No. 32. Instead, Philly traded out of the first round, picked up a 2019 second-rounder from the Ravens in the process (and moved up seven spots in the fourth), and eventually got Goedert at No. 49 overall. Giving up a 2018 fifth-round pick has to be factored in to the equation, but the bottom line is the Eagles got their guy.

It’ll be real interesting to see what Doug Pederson and Mike Groh have cooked up for Goedert in this offense. Philadelphia had some nice tight end depth with Brent Celek and Trey Burton behind Zach Ertz last year, for sure, but it’s obvious those guys aren’t as dynamic as the 6-5, 240-pound Goedert.

For more on the GodErtz package, check out this jawn from BGN’s Michael Kist.

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