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Eagles jersey numbers for 2018 NFL Draft picks and undrafted free agent signings

Time for some very important jersey analysis.

The Philadelphia Eagles have officially announced jersey numbers for their five picks in the 2018 NFL Draft and their 15 undrafted free agent signings. Here’s a look at what numbers the new rookies will be wearing.

Draft picks

TE Dallas Goedert - 88

CB Avonte Maddox - 29

DE Josh Sweat - 75

OT Matt Pryor - 69

OT Jordan Mailata - 68

Important observations

  • 88 is a good number for a big player like Philly Goedert (6-5). The only issue I have is that the Eagles’ jersey font does not make 88 look as good as it should. 88 was obviously last worn by Trey Burton, The Philly Special Thrower. (Eagles won the Super Bowl.)
  • It’s been a long time since the Eagles have had a good defensive back wear 29. 29 was last worn by LeGarrette Blount.
  • 75 is a solid number for Sweat. I think he’s going to make a Vinny Curry impact over his career, so it makes sense that he’d get Curry’s old number.
  • 69 for Matt Pryor is nice. Last worn by Dillon Gordon.
  • It would’ve been nice if Mailata got 69, but he gets 68 instead. Mailata is listed at 6-8 tall, so I wonder if that’s why he picked that. 68 was last worn by Josh Andrews.

Undrafted free agents

S Jeremy Reaves - 41

RB Josh Adams - 33*

OT Toby Weathersby - 74*

DE Joe Ostman - 76*

S Dominick Sanders - 49*

CB Chandon Sullivan - 39

CB Jordan Thomas - 48

S Stephen Roberts - 38

DT Bruce Hector - 66*

WR Anthony Mahoungou - 6

LB Asantay Brown - 57

OT Aaron Evans - 63*

S Ryan Neal - 34*

OG Ian Park - 66*

LB Danny Ezechukwu - 63*

Important observations

  • The asterisks attached to the numbers in the UDFA section above indicate a shared number with a player on the opposite side of the ball. Adams shares a number with De’Vante Baubsy, Weathersby with Winston Craig, Ostman with Taylor Hart, Sanders with Adam Zaruba, Hector with Park, Neal with Donnel Pumphrey, and Evans with Ezechukwu.
  • Look at the players Pumphrey is sharing company with there.
  • Reaves’ 41 was last worn by Ronald Darby. The last Eagles safety to wear 41 was Jarrad Page. Yikes.
  • Adams wore 33 at Notre Dame so he was able to keep his college number.
  • The last Eagles offensive tackle to wear 74 was Nate Menkin. Before that, it was Winston Justice.
  • The last defensive player to wear76 was preseason star Phillip Hunt. I could see Ostman following in those footsteps.
  • Sanders becomes the latest UDFA rookie safety to get 49. Tre Sullivan, now 37, had that number last year.
  • Thomas gets Wes Hopkins’ old 48.
  • Roberts’ 38 has been previously worn by the likes of Aaron Grymes, E.J. Biggers, Keelan Johnson, Jorrick Calvin, and Ramzee Robinson. He’ll hope he doesn’t end up with the same fate of not sticking.
  • The last defensive lineman to wear 66? Kimo von Oelhoffen.
  • I like 6 for French receiver Anthony Mahoungou. He’ll eventually have to change that if he ends up sticking on the practice squad or roster, but for now it’s an unconventional number for a player with an unconventional background.
  • Brown played safety in college but is wearing 57 now that he’s a linebacker.
  • I don’t have any interesting to say about 63.

Non-rookie jersey number updates

Newly signed veteran wide receiver Markus Wheaton convinced Adam Zaruba to give up No. 80. Zaruba is now No. 49, which is a big downgrade for him.

Joe Callahan hasn’t been assigned a number yet. His current options: 2, 3, or 8.

Matt Jones doesn’t have a number either. 24 is the only number available to him that hasn’t been taken.

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