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Carson Wentz is not a Super Bowl winning quarterback (yet)

Just hear me out.

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[Editor’s note: the following post is authored by BGN Radio contributor and WIP Evenings producer Jack Fritz.]

I can’t believe I’m the one that has to write this post.

One, because if you know anything about me, or my podcast (Counterpoint), you would know that Carson Wentz is one of the five most important people in my life. I love Carson Wentz and firmly believe he’s going to lead us down Broad Street a couple more times.

But he’s not a Super Bowl winning quarterback.

When John Barchard, Brandon Lee Gowton and I were in the studio at 94.1 WIP last Saturday, I offhandedly mentioned that Carson Wentz wasn’t a Super Bowl winning quarterback and both were flummoxed. We argued during the next segment about it and moved on, but two days later I’m still perplexed as to how they can say Wentz is a Super Bowl winning quarterback.

Both of these things can be true. One, the Eagles don’t win the Super Bowl if Wentz doesn’t play the majority of the season. And two, Nick Foles won them the Super Bowl, not Carson Wentz. Nick Foles is the Super Bowl winning quarterback and Wentz isn’t yet.

We like to believe in this town that if Carson had suited up in the postseason, the Eagles would still have won the whole damn thing, and yes, I agree with that. But just because we believe something, as fans of the Eagles, doesn’t mean it’s fact. We have no idea how Wentz would have handled the postseason run. He could have not played well and the Eagles could have lost and Wentz would still be considered “ringless” in a semantics kind of way, which again, Carson still is. He’s “ringless” in an argument over “how many ringz you got.” This was Nick Foles’ Super Bowl. He won the Super Bowl. He played out of his mind and won Super Bowl MVP. He’s a Super Bowl winning QB if the world stopped spinning right now and we all died. Carson, if he never plays another snap in the NFL will go down in the annals of NFL history as never winning the big game. I’m sorry I even put those thoughts in your head, it hurt to type them, but it had to be done for the sake of the argument.

Also, did something change or do you not have to play quarterback in the Super Bowl to be considered a Super Bowl winning quarterback?

Here’s another thing.

People don’t consider Phil Simms to be a two-time Super Bowl champ do they? It’s pretty much the exact same scenario, but if you talk to anyone, Jeff Hostetler won that Super Bowl with an injured Phil Simms on the sideline. Phil Simms won one Super Bowl, not the other way around.

It’s that simple.

So, I’m sorry that I had to be the one to write this article but as it sits right now, Carson Wentz is still “ringless.” Obviously, he’s not physically “ringless” because the Eagles won the Super Bowl (people forget that), but in an argument over whether or not Carson Wentz is a Super Bowl winning quarterback, you cannot say at this exact moment that “Carson Wentz is a Super Bowl winning quarterback.”

In the end, we’re just arguing about the term, “Super Bowl winning quarterback.” Guys that won the Super Bowl. Right now, we can’t call Carson Wentz that and you know what? I don’t think Carson would want to be called one either. He didn’t win the Super Bowl and he knows that.

Now, it’s his turn to go out and bring one home.


Jack, John, BLG, and James Seltzer yelled at each other more about this (admittedly dumb) topic in the latest edition of BGN Radio (Episode 309).

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