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Who is the biggest threat to the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC?

The newest edition of BGN Radio is here! (Episode #309). In this episode, we have a heated debate about Carson Wentz, talk about the Eagles' biggest threat in the NFC, discuss Philadelphia's latest free agent signings, and more.

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Welcome to the newest edition of BGN Radio! BGN Radio is Bleeding Green Nation's regularly scheduled podcast. Each week some combination of Brandon Lee Gowton, James Seltzer, Patrick Wall, Matt Dering, Ben Natan, Jack Fritz, Michael Kist, Benjamin Solak, Vince Quinn, Turron Davenport, and main host John Barchard will be here to talk about the Philadelphia Eagles.

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Episode #309 crew: John Barchard, James Seltzer, Brandon Lee Gowton, Jack Fritz

The guys finally have one last go and argue their brains out about if Carson Wentz should be considered a Super Bowl winning quarterback or not

Who is the biggest threat to the Eagles in the NFC?

Are you scared of the Rams after seeing how they're loading up with Brandin Cooks and other trades? How about the 49ers or the Vikings? Another team?

Or maybe you're like BLG and you're not scared of any other team out there

Thoughts on the Eagles' signings of Richard Rodgers and Paul Worrilow

Depth shouldn't be dismissed so easily

Conspiracy theory about the NFL wanting football to succeed in Los Angeles

The allure of the chaos Raiders

James takes a shot at eSports

And much more!

Episode hashtag: #PunishJack

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John Barchard, Brandon Gowton, and James Seltzer all discuss the things they would like to talk about on Twitter, but don't for various reasons. #PunishJack #PlayCards

The 4th Quarter - Rule Change, Life Change

Each week Vince Quinn gives you an offbeat look into the Eagles. This week he discusses:
-A rule change that meant so much to the Super Bowl run
-A surprise player who could see more plays after the Rodgers signing
-Mailbag questions and more!

Send us mailbag questions at!

BGNFL - Chris Ballard Failed

Each week Vince Quinn talks about all of the biggest stories in the NFL! This week:
-Chris Ballard failed the NFL on a rule change
-The new helmet rule is disastrous
-A rookie is entirely out of his depth and more!

Be part of the show with our mailbag! You can also comment below!

Bonus Next LVL - RB Trends

Vince Quinn and Turron Davenport talk about the draft value of RBs, the idea of a 1st rounder that won't play and more!

The Kist & Solak Show Ep. 20: Are There Potential Successors to Peters, Kelce and Jenkins?

Michael Kist & Benjamin Solak are looking in 2018 NFL Draft Class for the heir apparent at all positions! Who are the successors to the Peters, Kelce and Jenkins thrones? Find out about some top tier talent that could slide to 32 and some late round prospects that could find a niche role for the Super Bowl Champion Eagles!

The Kist & Solak Show Ep.21: Chatting CBs with Trevor Sikkema

Michael Kist reacts to the Brandin Cooks Rams/Patriots trade and is joined by Trevor Sikkema from Pewter Report to talk about the 2018 NFL Draft Class!


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Who is the biggest threat to the Eagles in the NFC?

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