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Eagles fan has great response when asked to say something nice about the Cowboys


The 2018 NFL Draft held in “Dallas” (actually Arlington) was not nearly as successful as the 2017 NFL Draft held in Philadelphia.

In fairness, though, this year’s event still had some memorable moments. At the expense of the Cowboys, that is.

It started with the Eagles trading ahead of the Cowboys to select a player named Dallas Goedert in the second round. That pick was masterfully announced by David Akers, who rubbed the Eagles’ Super Bowl win in the face of Cowboys fans.

But it didn’t stop there. During the NFL Network’s broadcast on Saturday, the great Kyle Brandt (the man behind the Eagles’ epic underdog rants) asked an Eagles fan at the scene of the draft to say something nice about the Cowboys. His response was perfect.

Brandt: I want you to say something nice about the Dallas Cowboys.

Little John: They have a real nice stadium and they’re an easy out in the playoffs.

Brandt: [laughing]

Little John: What can I say?

Brandt: You’re a legend. I thought you were going to say Jason Witten.

Little John: This is the home of one and done right here!

Brandt: This is the home of one and done. I’m sorry, Little John, you are a legend, may you go win another Super Bowl, my friend. You are a legend yourself.

Little John: Go Birds!

Brandt: Go Birds.

I see no lies here from Little John. The Cowboys haven’t won more than a single game in the playoffs since 1996.

Speaking of 1996, the Eagles’ current backup quarterback has more playoff wins than Dallas since that year. It only took 22 days for him to do that.

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