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NFL Draft Grades: Eagles earn high praise for picking Dallas Goedert

So far, so Goedert for Philadelphia.

NCAA Football: South Dakota State at Texas Christian Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles finally made their first pick in the 2018 NFL Draft by trading up to select Dallas Goedert. The early reviews on the pick are very positive. Including the ones from you, Eagles fans.

Personally, I’d give this pick an “A-” grade. I think Goedert is good and he’ll be a nice weapon for this offense. I also can’t wait to see what Super Bowl winning head coach Doug Pederson has planned for him.

The only thing I wonder about is to what extent his playing time will ultimately justify the value. Here’s something I wrote a month ago on March 28 when Kiper had Goedert mocked to Philly at No. 32.

In theory, having Zach Ertz and Goedert on the field together sounds great. Defenses already struggle to cover Ertz. Imagine adding another player like him to the Eagles’ offense.

If I’m being honest, though, I don’t think I see the Eagles going tight end at No. 32. I do see them selecting one at least one this year. Doug Pederson even acknowledged the talent in this year’s class. But I don’t think it’s coincidental that the Eagles are doing a lot of homework on Day 2 and Day 3 tight ends. I think that’s where they get their guy(s) instead.

Last season, Ertz played 68.8% of the Eagles’ offensive snaps. Brent Celek only played 40.8%. Trey Burton was at 26.5%. Keep in mind the playing time for Celek and Burton was boosted by the fact Ertz missed two games due to injury. Ertz also sat out for a good portion of the Eagles’ meaningless Week 17 game against the Cowboys.

Does it make sense to take a tight end at No. 32 given the playing time available to Goedert? The Eagles could always go heavier on multiple tight ends sets, sure, but by how much? And which wide receiver are you taking off the field to make room for the rookie? Alshon Jeffery is obviously the No. 1 wideout. Mike Wallace figures to serve an important role as a deep threat while Nelson Agholor is a dangerous weapon in the slot.

Of course, the Eagles selected Goedert at No. 49 and not No. 32, so the pick value is better than I originally thought it’d be.

When it comes to finding playing time for Goedert, it’s not like he needs to play a ton as a rookie to justify the picks spent on him (No. 49 and No. 169). But how much is he really going to play beyond this season when Ertz is only 27 years old and signed through 2021?

It’s quite possible Goedert can make a significant impact without playing a ton. He gives Philadelphia’s coaching staff a number of intriguing personnel options. I sure won’t be complaining if the Eagles suddenly have the next version of Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez (the player, not the person).

Another consideration with the Goedert pick is that the Eagles sorely lacked tight end depth if Ertz got hurt. Last year, that wasn’t even a problem for Philly. Brent Celek and Trey Burton stepped up in the two games Ertz missed due to injury. It would’ve been hard to count on Richard Rodgers to carry the load with Ertz missing any time. Now Goedert gives the team good depth.

Ultimately, I’m excited to see what Goedert can do. But my quibbles prevent it from being an “A+” for me. An “A-” is still pretty good.

Here’s a look at how other “experts” are grading the pick.

SB Nation

With the draft taking place in Dallas, the Eagles managed to screw the Cowboys. Philadelphia moved ahead of the Cowboys in the second round to take South Dakota State tight end Dallas Goedert. The Eagles needed to get a good tight end in this draft after losing Trey Burton, and Goedert is an effortless playmaker.

Grade: A

Day 1 grade: A
Day 2 grade: A
Overall grade: A

The skinny: General Manager Howie Roseman took advantage of other teams ignoring Lamar Jackson by trading out of the first round so Baltimore could select him. He grabbed the Ravens’ 2019 second-round pick and moved up in the second round on Friday night to select a tight end they could have taken in the first round: Dallas Goedert. He’ll be an outstanding player in the Jimmy Graham mold. The Eagles had given up their second-round pick to the Browns to get Carson Wentz two years ago and traded away their third-rounder to Buffalo, giving them just two picks in the first three rounds.


Bleacher Report profiled Dallas Goedert earlier in April. He’s a small-town, small-school athletic marvel known for unicycle riding and circus catches. He also had a tough offseason. Goedert pulled a hamstring 20 minutes into his first Senior Bowl practice, which prevented him from doing much at the combine. FCS performers count on the Senior Bowl and combine to prove they can handle NFL-caliber competition and the rigors of high-level training and scrutiny. Goedert had to sit most of the process out.

Goedert rebounded with an impressive pro day, and this selection suggests that the Eagles weren’t worried about his missed opportunities. Goedert still faces a ramp-up from the FCS, and his blocking will need work after he was used as a go-to receiver for most of his college career. But the Missouri Valley Conference isn’t exactly the hinterlands (Carson Wentz adjusted to the NFL pretty fast), and Goedert should play an immediate role as a move tight end and mismatch nightmare. Think Adam Shaheen, the small-program tight end the Chicago Bears got some highlights from last year, only better.

The Eagles lost Trey Burton to free agency and released Brent Celek, so they have a need at tight end. But it’s not as critical as the Cowboys’ need at tight end. The Eagles just stole a player from the Cowboys, and they sent former kicker David Akers out to taunt Cowboys fans while they did it. World champions, folks. Get used to it.

Grade: A-minus

Sports Illustrated

Head coach Doug Pederson understands that defenses hate offenses that can throw the ball out of two-tight end sets. That’s especially true when that offense has a running game as expansive and effective as Philly’s. With Zach Ertz and Goedert on the field together, No. 3 linebackers will now be forced into coverage. Carson Wentz will be licking his chops.


CBS Sports

Grade: B+

He is a nice pass-catching tight end who will replace Trey Burton. I like this pick for the Eagles.

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