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The Eagles bossed the Cowboys in the draft in their own stadium

Second straight win in Dallas

2018 NFL Draft Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

If you wanted to write a script on how the Philadelphia Eagles could troll the Dallas Cowboys in the draft they’re hosting, you couldn’t do it better than what really happened.

Hours before the draft, it was reported that Jason Witten will retire immediately and head to the Monday Night Football booth to replace Jon Gruden. This caught the Cowboys completely flat footed.

Even with Witten, tight end was a need for the Cowboys, as Witten turns 36 in May and backup James Hanna retired. With Witten suddenly retiring as well, tight end became a pressing need for the Cowboys. They had to exit the draft with one. Tight end was also a need for the Eagles, who lost both of Zach Ertz’s backups and replaced him with Richard Rogers on a one year deal. They didn’t absolutely need to draft one like Dallas does, but drafting one would be completely defensible. Fortunately for both teams, there were a couple of top TE prospects on the board in Mike Gesicki and Dallas Goedert. Until the Dolphins took Gesicki at 42.

That’s when the Eagles sprung into action. With the Cowboys sitting at 50 and Goedert looking like a target for them, the Eagles traded up to 49.

Then David Akers returned serve from Drew Pearson last year to troll Cowboys fans that the Eagles won the Super Bowl. And the pick he announced? Dallas Goedert. A player that Dallas might have drafted at 50. Who is named Dallas. In Dallas.

Nobody in the NFL enjoys putting on a show like Jerry Jones. He’s doing terribly. The energy level of the crowd in Dallas pales in comparison to the crowd in Philadelphia last year. His team got jumped for a player that would immediately be slotted in as a starter. By a division rival. Who won the Super Bowl. To take a player whose name is perfect for the Cowboys. And they got trolled by a kicker.

2018 is off to a great start for the defending Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles.

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