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NFL Draft Grades 2018: Eagles still earn praise despite not making a pick

This is Howie do it.

NFL: Super Bowl LII-Philadelphia Eagles vs New England Patriots Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles did not make a pick in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft last night. Instead, they traded their No. 32 overall selection (along with their No. 132 selection) to the Baltimore Ravens in exchange for No. 52, No. 125, and Baltimore’s 2019 second rounder.

Here’s a look at how you, Eagles fans, graded the deal.

I was going to say B+ or A- territory, so this seems about right.

When you go by the NFL Draft pick value chart, which by no means is a perfect measure but provides some level of context, the Eagles got good value.

The Eagles gave up a total of 630 points. Their first round pick was worth 590 points while their own fourth round pick was worth 40 points.

The Eagles received a total of 427 points in 2018. It’s hard to put an exact value on the 2019 second round pick because it’s a year away and we don’t know exactly where it will be. In this context, the difference between 630 and 427 is 213 points. That’s worth about the No. 75 overall pick, which is 11th in the third round.

For reference, the average second round pick in a given year is worth 416 points. Even if the Ravens end up winning the Super Bowl (unlikely) and getting the last pick in the second round, that would be 270 points. The best possible pick, meanwhile, would be worth 580 points.

It’s not quite as simple as this due to the presence of a future year pick, but in a vacuum, the worst case scenario is the Eagles traded 630 points for 697 points. In the best case scenario, they traded 630 points for 1,007 points. In the average scenario, they traded 630 points for 843 points.

If I lost you with all the numbers, the point is that the Eagles made a good deal. It’s a deal that requires some patience due to having to wait to pick in the second round this year and then wait to cash in next year’s pick, but it could very well be worth it.

Now for more hot takes and draft grades from “experts” around the web. Or, really, just one expert since that was the only grade available.

Grade: A

The skinny: GM Howie Roseman takes advantage of Lamar Jackson’s fall by trading out of the first round so Baltimore could select him. He grabbed the Ravens’ 2019 second-round pick and moved up seven spots in the fourth round to go from the 32nd pick to the 52nd pick, where there will still be good value. The rich get richer.

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