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Howie Roseman explains why the Eagles traded out of the first round in the 2018 NFL Draft

The Eagles were excited about who was still available at No. 32, but ultimately will wait to make moves on Friday.

It was a long wait from the start of the first round to the Eagles pick at No. 32, and then we learned that the team did what was long expected, traded back with the Baltimore Ravens — who made the jump to claim QB Lamar Jackson.

The Ravens took picks No. 32 and 132 from the Eagles, in exchange for Nos. 52 and 129 in this year’s draft, and a second-rounder in 2019.

Heading into the draft weekend, Philly didn’t have any Day 2 picks, and now they do. The team already had five picks on Saturday, so these extra two later-round slots could give them some wiggle room to make more trades before the end of the weekend.

Howie spoke after Round 1 wrapped up, about the team’s needs and plans heading into the weekend. The biggest takeaway, was that the team still really liked the options available at 32, and didn’t go into the night expecting to make a trade.

“For the way we’re trying to build, it was important to get some more resources moving forward.”

Roseman also mentioned collecting picks for next year’s draft being a priority for the team too. The Ravens’ offer wasn’t the only offer the team received either, but Howie talked about weighing the different possibilities and ultimately made the trade with Baltimore.

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