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NFL Draft Rumors: 5 players the Eagles could trade in order to get more picks

Who won’t last through the draft?

NFL: NFC Divisional Playoff-Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The start of the 2018 NFL Draft is merely HOURS away! Exciting. Unfortunately, the Philadelphia Eagles only own six picks heading into this year’s draft. History suggests that the Eagles might not be done trading yet because Howie Roseman loves to make moves up and down the board. With that in mind, here are some players the Eagles might ship out this weekend.


This is probably the most likely trade to happen.

I know a bunch of people still don’t believe it since we’ve heard about Kendricks being on the block a zillion times before. I understand where that skepticism comes from. But it’s truly different this time, folks.

Look at all the linebackers the Eagles have on their roster besides Kendricks: Jordan Hicks, Nigel Bradham, Corey Nelson, Kamu Grugier-Hill, Paul Worrilow, Nate Gerry, and Joe Walker. (And this is before the Eagles even draft anyone or sign undrafted free agents.) Of those eight combined linebackers, six will make the team, at most. It could only be five.

Hicks and Bradham are obvious locks. Nelson probably belongs in that group as well. Nelson signed with the Eagles on the first day of free agency. He turned down similar money to the Broncos’ offer because he said Philly offered him playing time at the weakside linebacker spot, which is Kendricks’ position. I mean, that right there is a big sign. Beyond that, I also think Kamu is a lock. They really like him as a special teams guy. That’s four. I think the team isn’t just going to give up on 2015 fifth-round pick Gerry, who they knew would take time to transition from safety to linebacker, after one year. That’s five. Worrilow and Walker are hardly guaranteed roster spots, and they’re not as good as Kendricks, but they’re much cheaper and they both can provide depth at middle linebacker. That’s not a spot where Kendricks plays.

The reality is the Eagles only use two linebackers most of the time. We saw this in 2016, when Hicks and Bradham played almost all of the defensive snaps while Kendricks, as the third linebacker, was only at 27%. Even last year, when he was the second best linebacker on the roster after Hicks got hurt, Kendricks still only finished the season with 59% of the snaps. Consider he only played 43% of Philly’s defensive snaps in the biggest game of the season: the Super Bowl. 13 other Eagles players played more defensive snaps than him, including third safety Corey Graham and rookie fourth defensive end Derek Barnett.

Does Kendricks give the Eagles some nice depth at linebacker? Sure. But it’s not ideal for a nice depth guy to be carrying a $7.6 million cap number (seventh highest on the roster) on the bench. Especially when your team really needs more cap room.

The team to watch when it comes to a Kendricks trade is the 49ers. They reportedly showed interest in him last year. They also can’t count on Reuben Foster playing for them, so that’s a consideration as well.

Kendricks might only fetch a fifth-round pick straight up , at best, due to his bloated contract. I think the Eagles look to package Kendricks and one of their picks to move up at one point. Maybe they take their one of their two fourths and Kendricks to move into the third, for example.


Earlier this offseason, one NFL insider suggested the Eagles could trade one of their defensive backs. Darby’s name wasn’t specifically mentioned, but it seems like he would be the logical choice since he’s playing on the final year of his contract and the Eagles might not be able to sign him to a long-term deal.

The release of Darly Worley makes Darby less expendable than before. Not that Worley was some stud, but he did have starting experience, which potentially made him a valuable backup.

The Eagles do have a glut of young corner talent, which is hardly a bad thing. But it will be interesting to see how that all shakes out.

Personally, I wouldn’t trade Darby because I think he has more value to the Eagles even if he only plays in Philly for one more season. That one season PLUS the potential compensatory pick the Eagles could get in 2020 is arguably worth more than what Philly could receive this year.

With that said, an offer of a 2018 third round pick is at least something to talk about.


Would the Eagles really trade their Super Bowl MVP? Only for a billion first round picks, according to various media people.

Seriously, though, I don’t expect Foles to get moved. The Bills and the Dolphins might be the only two possible landing spots, if any truly exist at all. Maybe Buffalo misses out on trading up and decides to give the Eagles one of their many picks. Dolphins GM Mike Tannenbaum could be in a position where he’s feeling pressure and makes a panic trade if he’s unable to draft a quarterback that Miami wants.

Trading Foles would be ideal in terms of replenishing draft picks. The Eagles should be able to get a worthwhile haul for him. But again, I wouldn’t count on it.


Here’s kind of a random one. Warmack could be pretty expendable if the Eagles end up drafting an interior offensive lineman at some point. Not to mention shipping him out would save $1.7 million in cap room (compared to only $375,000 in dead money).

This year’s draft class is deep with interior linemen, so I imagine teams will just get their guys in the draft. But maybe one team misses out and is still looking for an answer. Warmack could be a cheap acquisition for them.

Brandon Graham (DON’T DO IT)

I hate myself for even putting my fellow BLG on this list.

Don’t trade Brandon Graham, Eagles. This dude made the most important play in franchise history.

Not to mention he’s a great leader, teammate, locker room guy, etc.

I get that the NFL is a business and tough decisions have to be made. Graham turned 30 earlier this month and is due a big contract extension since he’s playing on the final year of his deal. If cap space wasn’t an issue, paying him would be a no-brainer. Unfortunately the Eagles do have to account for cap space, especially with a mega-deal for Carson Wentz looming on the horizon.

Graham could probably fetch the Eagles a decent haul. Pass rushers are worth premium assets.

But for the love of God, don’t do it, Eagles. Just give Graham a life-time contract instead.


I considered adding a few other names to this list. Those names include: Jordan Hicks, Wendell Smallwood, and Steven Means.

With Hicks, the Eagles might feel like they can just never rely on him to be healthy. They might try to get something for the former Chip Kelly pick while they still can before he plays out the final year of his deal. I don’t think the Eagles do this, though, because I already have them trading Kendricks. And Hicks has been so good when he is healthy that he’s worth giving another shot.

Smallwood suffered a big fall from grace last offseason. He went from potentially being a main ball carrier to the fourth-string running back and inactive on game day. Maybe he needs a new change of scenery. The reason why I decided not to include him is because Duce Staley was at least once a believer in him and they might as well give him one last offseason to show something.

If the Eagles are going to trade a defensive end, it should not be Graham. It should be Means. And that’s not because I don’t like Means, because I really do. Unfortunately for him, he’s stuck behind some other really good defensive ends on the depth chart. I think Means could be a quality No. 3 DE somewhere else instead of being the Eagles’ No. 5 DE. I just don’t know if the Means, who turns 28 in September, really has any value around the league.

That’s it for me. Who do you think the Eagles will trade? And for what in return?

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